Hamdard University encourages everyone, without discrimination provided they qualify for admissions to the courses of studies offered by the University.

The admission to the University is, however, subject to fulfillment of the following conditions:

  1. Meeting eligibility criteria in totality
  2. Attaining meritorious position based on admission tests and interview
  3. Paying of all dues including admission, tuition and other fees and charges
  4. Submitting of a Medical Fitness Certificate from Hamdard University Hospital
  5. Signing of an undertaking to abide by rules, regulations and guidelines framed by the University from time to time

The University admits academically sound individuals on the basis of merit determined by the pre-university academic record and its own admission test or placement tests prescribed by HEC.

The admission tests are held at Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and other designated cities. The venue and the general instructions for the tests are intimated along with the admit cards. Keeping in view their convenience, the applicants are allowed to choose their test centers. The collection of the admit cards for the admission test is the responsibility of the applicants.

However, those applicants, who fail to receive their cards three days prior to the test, are advised to contact the Admission Cell immediately. The eligibility conditions for each course of study are stated in the relevant section of the faculties in the Prospectus. The candidates may apply for provisional admission if they are waiting for their results in qualifying examinations for the fulfillment of eligibility. Such applicants are required to provide a certificate from the Head/Principal of their current Institute/College certifying that the applicant is expected to pass the pre-requisite examinations as per Institution/University criterion. The provisionally admitted applicants have to ensure that the University receives their results by the specified dates, given in their letters of admission or notified separately. Otherwise, their admissions will be declared void and no refund of dues already paid will be made.

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