Dean’s Message

The Faculty of Eastern Medicine is the vision of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said. Five years B.E.M.S. (Unani) degree program is a combination of classical Traditional (Greek) and Modern medicine. Since 1995, 20 batches have been admitted and 15 batches have passed out while 5 batches are on the way to enter in the field.
Arriving at this stage which culminated in the year 2002, was an uphill journey. The Federal Government amended the Unani, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic Practitioners’ Act 1965 to recognize the Bachelor’s Degree in Eastern Medicine B.E.M.S. (Unani) for registration by the National Council for Tibb, Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad. It is indeed a landmark in the history of Tibb in Pakistan when the Higher Education Commission (HEC) approved the curriculum of Eastern Medicine for B.E.M.S. (Unani), M.Phil. (Unani Medicine) and Ph.D. (Unani Medicine) degrees in July 2004. The degree course is also approved in United Arab Emirates for the purpose of practice.
Unani Medicine physicians have the opportunity to serve, clean, purify and balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of patients. It deals with body as a whole and balances the disturbance in humors thus bringing health with its rational approaches. In this context the world at large is looking towards the Asian countries which possess effective knowledge of Traditional Systems of treatment. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said visualized this degree program as well as research based integrated curriculum to fill the gap and produce Unani Tabibs who are also fully aware of modern diagnostic methods for treating diseases effectively.
Thus the main objective of the program is to prepare graduates trained in Unani Medicine and having firsthand knowledge of the basic subjects of modern medicine. The global resurgence and acknowledgment of the natural medicine have greatly enhanced the significance of this program.
Faculty of Eastern Medicine is one of the leading institutions of Hamdard University where successful postgraduate programs are underway. So far 8 Ph.D and 21 M.Phil degrees have been awarded. 41 research students are working on different topics for their higher degrees. International collaboration with Japanese Institution (Toyama University), Hunan University China, South African (Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb, Johannesburg), University of Cape Town, Indian (CCRUM, Ibn Sina Academy, Aligarh) and other institutions is proving promising advancement of Unani Medicine.

Hamdard Research Institute of Unani Medicine (HRIUM) with the status of the constituent research institute of Faculty of Eastern Medicine offers admissions in M.Phil. (Unani Medicine) and Ph.D. (Unani Medicine) in six branches of knowledge. Another constituent institute Eastern Specialist Clinic offers a certificate course on Hijama (Cupping Therapy) and on Eastern Medicine short course for Medical professionals as well.

Technical Collaboration in Research Projects is underway with WHO (Immunization Program / Consultation), Shifa-ul-Mulk Memorial Academy (Infrastructure development grants), as well as with the Ministry of Environment (Biodiversity).
Deserving and meritorious students are given scholarships and free ships mostly funded by Hamdard Foundation Pakistan.
We are confident that you, desirous students, wishing to be part of the HU culture, will greatly benefit from the diversity and depth of our programs. The Faculty of Eastern Medicine reaffirms its commitment and dedication to serve people in health care sector with utmost zeal.
We pray to Allah to bless our endeavors (Aameen).