Bachelor of Engineering in Bio-Medical Engineering

Quality of life is definitely more superior to what it was in past. This is due to present day advancements in the field of Biomedical Engineering. This discipline provides advanced tools and gadgets to monitor body functions and also the systems which correct malfunctions. A four year undergraduate program provides the opportunities to the students desirous of adopting Biomedical Engineering as their profession. Hamdard University enjoys the advantage of fully functional and vibrant colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy and Eastern Medicine to complement the relevant aspects of this course.

Program Summary
Duration of the program 4 Years
Number of semesters 8
Number of courses per Semester 5 or 6
Total number of courses 45 + Final Year Project
Total credit hours 139


Entry Requirements

60% in H.S.C.* /D.A.E**

* H.S.C. Pre-Engg. with Physics, Math and Chemistry or Pre-Medical with Physics, Biology (Zoology, Botany) and Chemistry

** D.A.E. in Relevant Technology (maximum 2% reserved seats (out of total allowed seats) in a program)

Students with A-level or other Equivalent qualification, shall submit ‘Equivalency Certificate’ (issued from I.B.C.C.) with minimum 60% marks.

Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-111 Basic Electrical Principles (Theory) 3
EE-111 Basic Electrical Engineering (Practical) 1
GS-001 Basic Math-I 3
GS-002 Biology-I (Theory) 2
GS-002 Biology-I (Practical) 1
GS-003 Basic Math-II 3
GS-004 Biology-II (Theory) 2
GS-004 Biology-II (Practical) 1
GS-005 Applied Physics (Theory) 3
GS-005 Applied Physics (Practical) 1
GS-112 Calculus 3
HS-001 Functional English 2
HS-111 Communication Skills 2
ME-111 Human Anatomy (Theory) 3
ME-111 Human Anatomy (Practical) 1
ME-112 Bio-Physics (Theory) 3
ME-112 Bio-Physics (Practical) 1
ME-113 Physiology-I (Theory) 2
ME-113 Physiology-I (Practical) 1
ME-213 Bio-Medical Materials-I (Theory) 2 ME-123
ME-213 Bio-Medical Materials-I (Practical) 1 ME-123
CSE-001 Computer Programming (Theory) 3
CSE-001 Computer Programming (Practical) 1
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-122 Circuit Analysis (Theory) 3 EE-111
EE-122 Circuit Analysis (Practical) 1 EE-111
EG-123 Bio-Fluid Mechanics (Theory) 3
EG-123 Bio-Fluid Mechanics (Practical) 1
GS-121 Linear Algebra And Differential Equations 4 GS-112
ME-121 Bio-Chemistry (Theory) 3
ME-121 Bio-Chemistry (Practical) 1
ME-123 Physiology-II (Theory) 2 ME-113
ME-123 Physiology-II (Practical) 1 ME-113
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-211 Basic Electronics (Theory) 3 EE-111
EE-211 Basic Electronics (Practical) 1 EE-111
EG-212 Thermodynamics 2
GS-211 Numerical Methods 3
HS-211 Pakistan And Islamic Studies 3
CSE-211 Logic Design And Switching Theory (Theory) 3
CSE-211 Logic Design And Switching Theory (Practical) 1
Semester 4
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-222 Amplifiers And Oscillators (Theory) 3
EE-222 Amplifiers And Oscillators (Practical) 1
GS-221 Bio-Statistics 3 GS-112
ME-221 Bio-Medical Instrumentations (Theory) 3 EE-211
ME-221 Bio-Medical Instrumentations (Practical) 1
TE-222 Signals And Systems (Theory) 3
TE-222 Signals And Systems (Practical) 1
CSE-221 Microprocessor And Interfacing (Theory) 3 CSE-211
CSE-221 Microprocessor And Interfacing (Practical) 1 CSE-211
Semester 5
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-311 Control Systems (Theory) 3
EE-311 Control Systems (Practical) 1
EE-312 Power Electronics (Theory) 3
EE-312 Power Electronics (Practical) 1
HS-311 Technical Report Writing 2
TE-322 Digital Signal Processing (Theory) 3 TE-222
TE-322 Digital Signal Processing (Practical) 1 TE-222
CSE-311 Modeling And Simulation (Theory) 2 ME-123
CSE-311 Modeling And Simulation (Practical) 1 ME-123
Semester 6
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
ME-321 Bio-Sensors (Theory) 2 EE-122
ME-321 Bio-Sensors (Practical) 1 EE-122
ME-322 Bio-Medical Imaging-I (Theory) 3
ME-322 Bio-Medical Imaging-I (Practical) 1
ME-323 Bio-Medical Equipments (Theory) 3 EE-122
ME-323 Bio-Medical Equipments (Practical) 1 EE-122
ME-324 Bio-Mechanics (Theory) 3
ME-324 Bio-Mechanics (Practical) 1 ME-123
Semester 7
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
ME-411 Neuroscience And Network Engineering (Theory) 2 ME-123
ME-411 Neuroscience And Network Engineering (Practical) 1 ME-123
ME-412 Bio-Medical Imaging-II (Theory) 3 ME-322
ME-412 Bio-Medical Imaging-II (Practical) 1
ME-414 Rehabilitation Technology (Theory) 1 ME-322
ME-414 Rehabilitation Technology (Practical) 1
ME-413A Project Part-I 3
Semester 8
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
HS-421 Professional Ethics And Social Values 3
ME-421 Economics And Management Sciences 2
ME-422 Bio-Medical Materials-II (Theory) 3 ME-213
ME-422 Bio-Medical Materials-II (Practical) 1 ME-213
ME-423B Project Part-II 3