Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Engineering

Energy Systems Engineering is an expansive field that aims to meet the current demands of energy sector. Domain of Energy Systems Engineering caters the core areas from the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The program provides fundamental engineering knowledge in areas of energy generation, hybrid energy systems, electrical power systems, conversion & energy management & conservation along-with modules on energy sources, energy policy, economics & associated environmental issues.

Graduate students will be able to apply acquired knowledge & skills to be successful professional engineers in various industries engaged in designing, manufacturing and processing in the area of classical power plants, nuclear engineering, refinery engineering, refrigeration & air conditioning and renewable and sustainable energy.


Program Summary
Duration of the program 4 Years
Number of semesters 8
Number of courses per Semester 5 or 6
Total number of courses 43 + Final

Year Project

Total credit hours    136


Entry Requirements

60% in H.S.C.* /D.A.E**

* H.S.C. Pre-Engg. with Physics, Math and Chemistry

** D.A.E. in Relevant Technology (maximum 2% reserved seats (out of total allowed seats) in a program)

Students with A-level or other Equivalent qualification, shall submit ‘Equivalency Certificate’ (issued from I.B.C.C.) with minimum 60% marks

Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-112 Linear Circuit Analysis (Theory) 3
EE-112 Linear Circuit Analysis (Practical) 1
EG-213 Engineering Drawing And Graphics (Theory) 2
EG-213 Engineering Drawing And Graphics (Practical) 1
HS-111 Functional English 3
NS-111 Calculus And Analytical Geometry 3
NS-112 Applied Physics (Theory) 3
NS-112 Applied Physics (Practical) 1
CSE-111 Introduction to Computing (Theory) 1
CSE-111 Introduction To Computing (Practical) 1
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-122 Basic Electronics (Theory) 3 EE-112
EE-122 Basic Electronics (Practical) 1 EE-112
EG-121 Engineering Mechanics (Theory) 3
EG-121 Engineering Mechanics (Practical) 1
HS-121 Islamic Studies / Ethical Behavior 2
HS-122 Communication Skills 3
NS-121 Linear Algebra 2
NS-122 Differential Equations 3 NS-111
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-113 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing 1
EE-212 Electrical Network Analysis (Theory) 3 EE-112
EE-212 Electrical Network Analysis (Practical) 1 EE-112
EG-211 Thermodynamics (Theory) 3
EG-211 Thermodynamics (Practical) 1
EG-212 Basic Fluid Mechanics 3
HS-211 Pakistan Studies 2
NS-211 Complex Variables And Transforms 3 NS-111
Semester 4
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-224 Electrical Machines (Theory) 3 EE-112
EE-224 Electrical Machines (Practical) 1 EE-112
EG-221 Probability And Statistics 3 NS-111
EG-222 Engineering Materials And Properties 3
EG-224 Workshop Practice 1
EG-225 Renewable Energy Resources (Theory) 3
EG-225 Renewable Energy Resources (Practical) 1
NS-222 Numerical Analysis (Theory) 2 NS-122
NS-222 Numerical Analysis (Practical) 1 NS-122
Semester 5
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EG-311 Power Plants Engineering 3
EG-312 Solar Energy (Theory) 3 EG-225
EG-312 Solar Energy (Practical) 1 EG-225
EG-313 Fossil Fuels 3
EG-314 Internal Combustion Engine (Theory) 3 EG-211
EG-314 Internal Combustion Engine (Practical) 1 EG-211
HS-312 Safety Health And Environment 2
Semester 6
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-323 Instrumentation And Measurements (Theory) 3 EE-122
EE-323 Instrumentation And Measurements (Practical) 1 EE-122
EE-328 Control Engineering (Theory) 3 NS-211
EE-328 Control Engineering (Practical) 1 NS-211
EG-321 Wind Energy (Theory) 3 EG-225
EG-321 Wind Energy (Practical) 1 EG-225
EG-322 Heat Transfer 3 EG-211
HS-321 Engineering Economics And Management 3
Semester 7
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EG-411 Steam Generation Steam Turbine (Theory) 3 EG-211
EG-411 Steam Generation Steam Turbine (Practical) 1 EG-211
EG-415 Project Part-I 3
HS-411 Technical Report Writing 3
MS-411 Project Management 3
Semester 8
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EG-421 Bio-Energy (Theory) 3 EG-225
EG-421 Bio-Energy (Practical) 1 EG-225
EG-422 Hydro Power 3
EG-425 Project Part-II 3
MS-421 Entrepreneurship 3
Electives Courses
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-312 Power Distribution And Utilization (Theory) 3
EE-324 Electrical Power Transmission (Theory) 3
EE-412 Power Generation 3
EE-422 Power System Analysis (Theory) 3
EE-XXX Power System Protection 3
EG-322 Oceanic Energy And Desalination 3
EG-411 Energy Conservation And Efficiency Enhancement 3
EG-413 Nuclear Engineering 3
EG-414 Energy Transmission And Distribution 3
EG-421 Heating Ventilation And Air-Conditioning 3 EG-211
EG-424 Refinery Engineering 3 EG-313
EN 7304 Air Pollution and Control 3