Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics Engineering

The Electronic Engineering Program prepares students for employment in electronic industry by emphasizing analysis, applied design, hands-on-experience and communication skills. Graduates can apply their knowledge of electronic engineering in a variety of industries, such as aerospace, power, communications biomedical, computers etc. Students are offered a wide range of training in basic electronics, electronic instrumentation, testing and measurement, controls, microprocessors, biomedical electronics, communication systems and VLSI.

Program Summary
Duration of the program 4 Years
Number of semesters 8
Number of courses per Semester 5 or 6
Total number of courses 41+ Final

Year Project

Total credit hours 138


 Entry Requirements

60% in H.S.C.* /D.A.E**

* H.S.C. Pre-Engg. with Physics, Math and Chemistry

** D.A.E. in Relevant Technology (maximum 2% reserved seats (out of total allowed seats) in a program)

Students with A-level or other Equivalent qualification, shall submit ‘Equivalency Certificate’ (issued from I.B.C.C.) with minimum 60% marks.

Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-111 Linear Circuit Analysis (Theory) 3
EE-111 Linear Circuit Analysis (Practical) 1
EE-112 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing 1
HS-111 Functional English 3
NS-111 Calculus And Analytical Geometry 3
NS-112 Applied Physics (Theory) 3
NS-112 Applied Physics (Practical) 1
CSE-111 Introduction To Computing (Theory) 2
CSE-111 Introduction To Computing (Practical) 1
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-121 Basic Electronics (Theory) 3 EE-111
EE-121 Basic Electronics (Practical) 1 EE-111
EG-121 Engineering Mechanics 2
HS-121 Islamic Studies / Ethical Behavior 2
HS-122 Communication Skills 3
NS-122 Differential Equations 3 NS-111
CSE-121 Programming Fundamentals (Theory) 2 CSE-111
CSE-121 Programming Fundamentals (Practical) 1 CSE-111
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-211 Digital Logic Design (Theory) 3
EE-211 Digital Logic Design (Practical) 1
EE-212 Electrical Network Analysis (Theory) 3 EE-111
EE-212 Electrical Network Analysis (Practical) 1 EE-111
EE-213 Electronic Devices And Circuits (Theory) 3 EE-121
EE-213 Electronic Devices And Circuits (Practical) 1 EE-121
EE-214 Workshop Practice (Practical) 1
HS-211 Pakistan Studies 2
NS-212 Linear Algebra 2
Semester 4
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-221 Signals And Systems (Theory) 3 EE-212
EE-221 Signals And Systems (Practical) 1 EE-212
EE-222 Probability And Statistics 3 NS-111
EG-221 Thermodynamics 2
HS-221 Engineering Ethics 3
NS-221 Multivariable Calculus 3 NS-111
CSE-221 Data Structures And Algorithms (Theory) 3 CSE-111
CSE-221 Data Structures And Algorithms (Practical) 1 CSE-111
Semester 5
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-311 Microprocessors And Microcontrollers (Theory) 3 EE-211
EE-311 Microprocessors And Microcontrollers (Practical) 1 EE-211
EE-312 Communication Systems (Theory) 3 EE-222, EE-223
EE-312 Communication Systems (Practical) 1 EE-222, EE-223
EE-315 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3 NS-111
EE-316 Electronics Circuits Design (Theory) 3 EE-213
EE-316 Electronics Circuits Design (Practical) 1 EE-213
NS-311 Numerical Analysis 3
Semester 6
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-321 Electrical Machines (Theory) 3 EE-111, EE-315
EE-321 Electrical Machines (Practical) 1 EE-111, EE-315
EE-322 Linear Control Systems (Theory) 3 EE-221
EE-322 Linear Control Systems (Practical) 1 EE-221
EE-323 Instrumentation And Measurements (Theory) 3 EE-211, EE-212
EE-323 Instrumentation And Measurements (Practical) 1 EE-211, EE-212
EE-325 Digital Signal Processing (Theory) 3
EE-325 Digital Signal Processing (Practical) 1
HS-321 Engineering Economics And Management 3
Semester 7
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
xxx Elective-I 3
xxx Elective-II 3
EE-411 Project Part-I 3
EE-416 Digital Control Systems 3 EE-322
HS-411 Technical Report Writing 3
MS-411 Project Management 3
Semester 8
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-421 Project Part-II 3
EE-426 Power Electronics (Theory) 3 EE-316
EE-426 Power Electronics (Practical) 1 EE-316
HS-421 Organizational Behavior 3
Electives Courses
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-326 Digital Communications (Theory) 3 EE-312
EE-326 Digital Communications (Practical) 1 EE-312
EE-412 Embedded Systems (Theory) 3 EE-311
EE-412 Embedded Systems (Practical) 1 EE-311
EE-413 Vlsi Design (Theory) 3 EE-316
EE-413 Vlsi Design (Practical) 1 EE-316
EE-415 Solid State Devices (Theory) 3 EE-213
EE-415 Solid State Devices (Practical) 1 EE-213
EE-422 Industrial Electronics (Theory) 3
EE-422 Industrial Electronics (Practical) 1 EE-212
EE-423 Digital Image Processing (Theory) 3 EE-324
EE-423 Digital Image Processing (Practical) 1 EE-324
EE-424 Wave Propagation And Antenna (Theory) 3
EE-424 Wave Propagation And Antenna (Practical) 1
EE-425 Computer Communication Networks (Theory) 3 EE-312
EE-425 Computer Communication Networks (Practical) 1 EE-312