Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering, being mother field of engineering, involves designing, developing, installing, operating and maintaining mechanical systems which covers machines, engines and almost all systems with moving components. It plays a key role in development of the systems for benefit of humankind. It is a diverse engineering discipline which offers an exciting environment where many skills are brought together to create innovative products, infrastructure and technology for manufacture. It provides many career opportunities in a rapidly changing technologies and industrial practices.

Mechanical Engineering prepare graduates for careers in manufacturing processes and mechanical systems, manufacturing of products, as well as designing new technologies, such as high-tech vehicles, oil platforms, power plants, etc. and intelligent systems for energy conversions to utilize alternative energy resources.

The program inculcates academic knowledge, complementary professional and personal skills needed to work in the mechanical engineering industry, develop students with intellectual & practical skills to design solutions to real problems.

The theoretical knowledge is complemented by practical skill in using industry standard tools and equipment. Moreover, familiarization and application of different software such as ANSYS, ProEngineer, Fluent and Matlab. is also provided to students.


Program Summary
Duration of the program 4 Years
Number of semesters 8
Number of courses per Semester 5 or 6
Total number of courses 41+ Final

Year Project

Total credit hours 137


Entry Requirements

60% in H.S.C.* /D.A.E**

* H.S.C. Pre-Engg. with Physics, Math and Chemistry

** D.A.E. Relevant Technology (maximum 2% reserved seats (out of total allowed seats) in a program)

Students with A-level or other Equivalent qualification, shall submit ‘Equivalency Certificate’ (issued from I.B.C.C.) with minimum 60% marks.