Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

The BS (Software Engineering) program at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology emphasizes on developing strength of technical preparation and produce graduates highly capable of working in the software engineering industry and pursuing graduate studies in related areas.

The courses span around Software Engineering, Introduction to Database Systems, Software Engineering Economics, Software Requirement and Specifications, Software Verification and Validation, Software Architecture and Design, Human Computer Interaction, and Software Project Management. Students may choose among the wide variety of electives courses from the Software Engineering Elective and Software Domain Specific Electives pool.


Program Summary
Duration of the program 4 Years
Number of semesters 8
Average number of courses per Semester 5 or 6
Total number of courses 40 + Final

Year Project

Total credit hours 131


Entry Requirements

45% in H.S.C. (Pre-Engineering/Science General#/Computer Science), DAE, DIT or Equivalent

# Combinations of Physics/Statistics/Economics, Chemistry/Computer Science/Statistics, and

Mathematics (mandatory)

Students with A-level or other Equivalent qualification, shall submit ‘Equivalency Certificate’ (issued from I.B.C.C.) with minimum 45% marks.

Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-111 Linear Circuit Analysis (Theory) 3
EE-111 Linear Circuit Analysis (Practical) 1
EE-113 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing (Practical) 1
HS-111 Functional English 3
NS-111 Calculus And Analytical Geometry 3
NS-112 Applied Physics (Theory) 3
NS-112 Applied Physics (Practical) 1
CSE-111 Introduction To Computing (Theory) 2
CSE-111 Introduction To Computing (Practical) 1
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-121 Basic Electronics (Theory) 3 EE-111
EE-121 Basic Electronics (Practical) 1 EE-111
HS-121 Islamic Studies / Ethical Behavior 2
HS-122 Communication Skills 3 HS-111
NS-121 Linear Algebra 2
NS-122 Differential Equations 3 NS-111
CSE-121 Programming Fundamentals (Theory) 2 CSE-111
CSE-121 Programming Fundamentals (Practical) 1 CSE-111
Semester 3
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
HS-211 Pakistan Studies 2
Semester 7
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
xxx Elective-I 3
xxx Elective-II 3
Semester 8
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
xxx Elective-IV 3
xxx Elective-III 3
Electives Courses
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
EE-423 Digital Control Systems 3
EE-423 Digital Image Processing (Theory) 3 EE-324
EE-423 Digital Image Processing (Practical) 1 EE-324
EE-426 Fiber Optic Communications And Devices 3
EE-42X Next Generation Networks 3
EE-42X Information Theory And Coding 3
EE-42X Spread Spectrum Communications 3
EE-42X Rf And Microwave Engineering (Theory) 3
EE-42X Rf And Microwave Engineering (Practical) 1
EE-42X Instrumentation And Measurements (Theory) 3
EE-42X Telecom Transmission And Switching System 3
EE-42X Instrumentation And Measurements (Practical) 1
TE-412 Wireless And Mobile Communications 3 TE-311
TE-425 Satellite Communications 3 TE-311