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Chairman, Department of Computing

Webpage: N/A
Phone: 9221-36440128




Associate Professor and Chairman Department of Computing

HIIT, Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology

Hamdard University, Karachi, Pakistan



§  HEC Approved PhD Supervisor for Computer Science (2013-2016)

§  ICT R&D FYP Grass root Research Funding (2013)

§  HEC Indigenous Ph.D. Scholarship Award (2004-2009)

§  Second position in MS(IT) Degree Programme from Hamdard University

§  Hamdard university scholarship for getting first position in the first semester of  MS (IT)

§  University Gold Medal for securing 3rd Position in B.S. Electronic Engineering

§  Hasan Nasir scholarship for getting 1st Position in the First year of Electronic Engineering

§  Sir Syed University scholarship for getting 1st Position in the First year of Electronic Engg.

§  2nd Prize in First Hardware Exhibition of Sir Syed University of Engg. & Tech., Karachi


Professional Affiliation

Lifetime Member of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) – [PEC #: ELECTRO/05364].

Member of Center for Research in Ubiquitous Computing (CRUC), Karachi, Pakistan.


Project/Thesis Supervised/Completed


AgriGrid Project (2010):

Under AgriGrid Project developed a Context-Aware Sensor Grid that is able to deal with the different problems of agriculture domain like crop irrigation, pesticide spraying, fertilization etc. Based on the real time collected information through sensors, actuation of sprinklers and alarm were performed to cope up the water stress, heat stress and other problems.

Smart University Project (2009):

Under this project, RFID based Smart University was developed. The system is taking care of maintaining attendance record, switching control of electrical items and security locks of rooms. Through this project we were able to provide consumption of energy and reduced object tracking time while security of rooms and credibility of attendance record were also increased.

Other Projects Completed:

As Supervisor

1-      Monitoring and Control System for Agricultural Green House (2013)

2-      Indigenous Design and Development of Low Cost Soil Moisture Sensor & Meter (2013)

3-      An Effective Inter Carrier Interference Cancellation Scheme for OFDM System (2011)

4-      Context-Aware Sensor Grid (2010)

5-      Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network (WSAN) for Irrigation Control (2009)

6-      RFID based Smart Office (2008)

7-      BEGIN: Bluetooth Enabled GPRS/IP Network (2007)

8-      Student Management Information System for GSESIT (2006)

9-      Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Study and Implementation  (2005)

10-  Security in Public Access Wireless LAN (2003)

11-  The Study and Analysis of Virtual Private Networks (2002)

12-  Telebanking PIN Security using Data Encryption Standard (DES) (2001)


As Co-Supervisor

13-  Sniffer Watch (2005)

14-  Information Availability Modeling on Enterprise Networks (2005)

15-  Effects of Clustering on Performance of the Karachi Stock Exchange (2005)

16-  Enterprise Systems and Network Security (2003)

17-  Aircraft Training Guide (2003)







Ph.D (Computer Science) – 2012

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST-NU), Karachi, Pakistan


MS (Information Technology) – 2001

GSESIT - Hamdard University, Karachi, Pakistan


BS (Electronic Engineering) – 1998

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan


Publications: (Total Impact Factor: 1.993) 

(Journal Publications)


1-      Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Iqbal Uddin Khan and Ali Yousuf Khan, “Authentication Schemes for Wireless Body Area Networks: A Critical Review”, Sindh University Research Journal, vol. 45(A-1), March 2013, pp. 33-38. ISSN: 1813-1743, (ISI Indexed, HEC Recognized Y-category Journal)


2-      Noman Islam, Zubair A. Shaikh and Aqeel-ur-Rehman, “HANDY: A Hybrid Association Rules Mining Approach for Network Layer Discovery of Services in Mobile Ad hoc Network”, Wireless Networks, Vol:19 (8) pp:1961-1977, 2013 (SCIE indexed, 2012 Impact Factor: 0.736)

3-      Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Ghulam Ali, Noor A. Shaikh and Zubair A. Shaikh, “Efficient irrigation water management using cost effective wireless sensor and actuator networks”, Sarhad Journal of Agriculture, vol. 27 (3), (2011) (HEC recognized X-category Journal)

4-      Noman Islam, Zubair A. Shaikh and Aqeel-ur-Rehman, " COINS: Towards a Correlation Based Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Ad hoc Network”, Sindh University Research Journal, vol. 43(1-A), June 2011, pp. 89-94. ISSN: 1813-1743, (ISI Indexed, HEC Recognized Y-category Journal)

5-      Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Abu Zafar Abbasi, Noman Islam, Zubair Ahmed Shaikh, "A Review of Wireless Sensors and Networks’ Applications in Agriculture", accepted for publication in Computer Standards & Interfaces, Vol:36(2) pp:263-270, 2014 (available online since April 2011) doi: 10.1016/j.csi.2011.03.004. (SCIE indexed, 2011 Impact Factor: 1.257)

6-      Noman Islam, Noor A. Shaikh, Ghulam Ali, , Zubair A. Shaikh and Aqeel-ur-Rehman, "A Network Layer Service Discovery Approach for Mobile Ad hoc Network Using Association Rules Mining", Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2010. vol. 4, issue 6, pp. 1305-1315, June 2010. (ISSN: 1991-8178) (ISI Indexed Journal)

7-      Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Zubair A. Shaikh, Noor A. Shaikh and Noman Islam, "An Integrated Framework to Develop Context-Aware Sensor Grid for Agriculture", Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, vol. 4, issue 5, pp. 922-931, May 2010. (ISSN: 1991-8178) (ISI Indexed Journal)

(Book Chapter)

8-      Aqeel-ur-Rehman and Zubair A. Shaikh, “Smart Agriculture”, Application of Modern High Performance Networks, Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., pp.120-129, 2009. (eISBN: 978-1-60805-077-2)

(Conference Publications)

9-      Waleej Haider, Aqeel-ur-Rehman and Nauman M Durrani, “Towards Decision Support Model for Ubiquitous Agriculture”, in proceeding of the 8th International conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2013), pp. 308 – 313, September 10-12, 2013, Islamabad, Pakistan.

10-  Noman Islam and Aqeel-ur-Rehman, "A Comparative Study of Major Service Providers for Cloud Computing”, in proceedings of 1st International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Trends (ICICTT'13), pp:228-232, September 2-5, 2013, Karachi, Pakistan.

11-  Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Kashif Mehmood and Ahmed Baksh, “Communication Technology that Suits IoT – A Critical Review”, in proceedings of 1st International Symposium on Wireless Sensor Networks for Developing Countries (WSN4DC13), Springer Berlin Heidelberg pp:14-25, April 24-26, 2013, Jamshoro, Pakistan.

12-  Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Iqbal Uddin Khan and Ali Yousuf Khan, “A Review on Authentication Schemes for Wireless Body Area Networks”, 3rd International Conference on Computer & Emerging Technologies, March 5-7, 2013, Khairpur, Pakistan.

13-  Shaheena Noor, Humera Noor Minhas and Aqeel-ur-Rehman, “Using Gaze-directed Vision to Identify Focus of Attention in Pervasive Healthcare Systems”, in proceedings of 14th IEEE International Multi-topic Conference (INMIC 2011), Karachi, Pakistan, December 22-24, 2011.

14-  Noman Islam, Zubair A. Shaikh and Aqeel-ur-Rehman, "Towards a Correlation Based Scheme for Secure Data Management in Mobile Ad hoc Network ", in proceedings of International Conference on Computers and Emerging Technologies (ICCET), Khairpur, Pakistan, pp. 283-291, April 22-23, 2011.

15-  Aqeel-ur-Rehman and Zubair Ahmed Shaikh, “ONTAgri: Scalable Service Oriented Agriculture Ontology for Precision Farming”, in proceedings of 2011 International Conference on Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ICABE 2011), Hong Kong, China, pp. 411-413, February 20-21, 2011.

16-  Ghulam Ali, Abdul Wahid Shaikh, Aqeel-ur-Rehman and Zubair A. Shaikh, “A framework for development of cost-effective irrigation control system based on Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network (WSAN) for efficient water management”, in the proceedings of 2nd International conference on Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, issue 2, pp.378-381, 1-3 August 2010.

17-  Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Zubair A. Shaikh, Humaira Yousuf, Farah Nawaz, Muneebah Kirmani and Sara Kiran, "Crop Irrigation Control using wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks (WSAN)", in proceedings of 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information and Emerging Technologies (ICIET-2010), Karachi, Pakistan, 14-16 June 2010.

18-  Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Abu Zafar Abbasi and Zubair A. Shaikh, “Building a Smart University using RFID Technologies”, in proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE 2008), pp.641-644, Dec. 12-14, 2008, Wuhan, China.

19-  Aqeel-ur-Rehman, "AgriGrid: A Context-Aware Sensor Grid Framework for Solving Agriculture Problems", Doctoral Symposium on Research in Computer Science, pp. 37, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, 9-10 August 2008.

20-  Aqeel-ur-Rehman and Zubair A. Shaikh, "Towards Design of Context-Aware Sensor Grid Framework for Agriculture", in proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT 2008), XXVIII-WASET Conference, pp. 244-247, April 25 – 27, 2008, Rome, Italy. (ISSN: 1307-6884)

21- Aqeel-ur-Rehman and Zubair A. Shaikh, “Intelligent Workflow: A Step towards Intelligent Agent based Academic Workflow System”, 2nd All Pakistan UTECH and ACM Technical Conference (UTECH 2007), Pakistan, November 2007.





Field Of Interest

Ubiquitous Computing

Wireless Sensor Networks

Context-Aware Computing

Wireless Body Area Networks

Smart Agriculture  

Classes Schedule



  8:30-9:10 9:15-10:00 10:05-11:00 11:05-12:00 12:05-1:00 Break 1:30-2:15 2:20-3:10










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