Dean’s Message

Education and research in the field of law are matters of prime importance for the development of culture for the rule of law in the country. Unfortunately, legal education has not till now been accorded the required importance and priority.

Perhaps it has never been realized that investment in this area would have paid handsome dividends in the evolution of an egalitarian society.

In view of the rapidly increasing demands of globalization, Pakistan`s indigenous legal system will have to adapt itself to the contemporary trends in other systems of jurisprudence as well. Interaction with foreign and international academic and research institutions and other organizations makes the study and research of comparative laws imperative.

The Law School provides information and guidance to facilitate students` future prospects, academically as well as professionally. Academically, the students have the resources and guidance from faculty members for further and higher studies in law. Professionally, the School provides information about placements and internship in different firms and chambers during vacations.

The educational program aims to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and professional skill and developing an enthusiasm for research on legal issues. The HSL is, therefore, committed to developing professionalism and competence in legal studies effective in the national and international context.