Faculty List

Permanent Faculty

Justice (F) Prof. Dr. Qammaruddin Bohra
Dean, Faculty of Law
Ph.D, M.A, LLB, DPA,CLC(Sindhi, Arabic & Persian)
Former Judge High Court of Sindh
Ex. DG. Human Rights Cell.
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Ex. Senior Faculty Member Sindh Judicial Academy

Ms. Aamra Tariq
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law
M.A. (Karachi Univeristy)
LL.B (Karachi University)

Mr. Anwar Ahmed
Assistant Professor & Deputy Director, FoL
LL.M, LL.B, M.A.(International Relations)
M.A.(Islamic Studies)
PGD in Islamic Law’s
Diploma in Library Science
Post Graduate Certificate Course (Teaching)

Mr. Syed Hasnain Haider
Lecturer, Faculty of Law
LL.B from Pakistan College of Law University of Punjab
BA (Economics Statistics & Political Science) Govt. College Lahore now University.

Ms. Atiqa Tariq
Lecturer, Faculty of Law
LL.M from Govt. Islamia College.
LL.B from Hamdard School of Law

Mr. Asif Ali
Lecturer, Faculty of Law
LL.B from University of Sindh 2014

Ms. Sadia Khan Niazi
Lecturer, Faculty of Law
BA-LL.B from
University of Faisalabad Pakistan 2015.

Visiting Faculty

Justice (R) Rukhsana Ahmed
Former Judge, High Court of Sindh
LL.B (Karachi University)
Justice (R) Abdul Qadir
Former Judge, High Court of Sindh
LL.B (Karachi University)
Justice (R) Hassan Feroz
Former Judge, High Court of Sindh
M.A. (English)
M.A. (Journalism)
LL.M (Criminology)
Brigadier (R) Riaz ul Haque
MBBS (Liaquat Medical College) Jamshoro
MSC (Advanced Medical Administration) Quiad-e-Azam University Islamabad
MPH Master in Public Health; Sarhad Uinivesity
Mr. Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Khan
B.S.C., University of Punjab
LL.B., S.M. Law College, Karachi
Diploma in Adult Education (ILO)
Ms. Momiza Bawany
LL.B., LL.M., KarachiUniversity
Mr. Ajazuddin Qureshi
Ms. Najma Swaleh
LL.M., M.A. (University of Karachi)
Ex-Military Estate Officer
Mr. Yousuf Moulvi
LL.B. (Karachi University)
LL.M. (Karachi University)
Mr. Jawaid Farooqi
LL.B (Karachi University)
Advocate Supreme Court,
Former Deputy Attorney General of Pakistan
Ms. Tahira Manzoor
Lecturer, Hamdard School of Law
BA from Govt Girls Degree Gizri College
LL.B from Hamdard School of Law, H.U
Mr. Syed Hassan Ali
M.A. Philosophy (Karachi University)
Mr. Mohemmed Ahsan Hussein Qureshi Suratwala
M.A. English (Karachi University)
B. Com., S. M. College / Karachi University in 1994
Ms. Farah Khan
Advocate, High Court of Sindh
LLB from Hamdard University
Ms. Sahar Saeed
MS Marketing (In Progress) Hamdard University Karachi
M.B.A (Marketing) Iqra University Karachi
B.A (Hons) SZIC, University of Karachi
Mr. Arif Kamal
Ph.D (In Progress) from Hamdard Institute of Information Tecnology
M.S. (2013) from Hamdard Institute of Information Tecnology
M.C.S. from Department of Computer Science, University of Karachi.
Ms. Amna Ehtisham
M. Phil Islamic Studies (Federal Urdu University)