Faculty of Law Offered to their Student

Fee Concession:
Awarded to student within 02 weeks of the announcement of semester results which is entitled him or her for waiver of fee as under:

1) Student will be considered on his result following in range of 3.00 to 4.00 CGPA.
2) Student attaining 3.00 CGPA will be entitled for receiving 30% concession.
3) Students attaining 3.5 CGPA will be entitled receiving 50% concession.
4) Beyond 3.5 CGPA will be entitled up to 70% concession.

Need / Hardship Fee Concession:
There are numerous cases which come up because of need or hardship will not be dealt by faculty of Law and will be referred to the registrar to be process through University Level Committee.

Scholarship on Merit:
Student who secure first Position in his/her class will be offered Scholarship.