Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1997 following the guidelines of the Founder Chancellor of Hamdard University, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said. In its early phase 1997-2001, the faculty developed Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in collaboration with Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas Institute of Pharmacology and Herbal Sciences.

In the light of recommendations of Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and Higher Education Commission, the faculty has undertaken, Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) Program in 2005, extending to five years exhaustive education and training in community oriented Clinical Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Forensic Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Marketing and Industrial Pharmacy.The aim of the faculty is to provide high quality education with a commitment to produce competent Pharmacists and highly skilled / professional persons to care the patients and also become the integral part of their healthcare system both nationality and internationally.

We regularly arrange various hands on training workshops and technical lectures for our students, along with formal education in Pharmacy. Due to quality teaching, focusing on the latest information, provided by our highly competent and motivated faculty; knowledge level of our graduates is much better than what is expected from a fresh graduate.

This is reflected by high numbers of our pharmacy graduates serving various multinational and local pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and teaching institutions. Due to its state-of-the art facilities, Doctor of pharmacy graduates develops all the competencies for the requirements of job and serving in Middle East including Saudi Arabia, and other developing and developed countries of the world.

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