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Master Of Philosophy In Pharmaceutical Chemistry (MPC)

Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
MPC-601 Biostatistics 3
MPC-605 Clinical Chemistry 3
MPC-607 Drug Design 3
MPC-609 Drug Stability And Drug Group Analysis 3
MPC-611 Electro-Analytical Techniques 3
MPC-613 Solvent Extraction And Chromatographic Techniques 3
MPC-615 Spectrophotometric Analysis 3
MPL-603 Research Methodology 3
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hr. Pre-Requisite
MPC-604 Carbohydrate Chemistry 3
MPC-606 Macromolecular Targets For Drug Action 3
MPC-608 Spectroscopic Techniques In Structure Elucidation And Radiochemical Methods 3
MPL-602 Computer Applications In Pharmacy 3