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In order to fulfill its objectives of providing and promoting study and research in the field of law and allied subjects, HSL enjoys having following Boards:

1) Executive Board
2) Board of Faculty

The executive Board is entrusted to look after the administration and management of the Faculty. Also responsible to extend guidance to the Law School/Faculty on policy matters with the prime objective to develop the Faculty of Law as a leading “Centre of Excellence of Law and Research” in the country and international recognition of the credentials, the degrees awarded by the Faculty of Law Hamdard University.

Importance of Guide Books
• To inform students how student‐Learning program has been organized, and how it would be implemented.
• To help students organize and manage their studies throughout the semester.

What is Study Guide Book
• Information or organization and management of the term/ semester. This will help student to contact the right individual in case of any difficulty.
• A description of the course content which will be taught and the students are expected to learn. Presentation, Debate, invited lectures, training programs (Court visit, Moot Court trail etc.)

Term / Semester Schedule:
• All courses and announced examination will be held according to the schedule.

Course Objectives:
• All courses have defined objectives in terms of what students are expected to achieve on completion of each course with academic experiences, including learning methods and assessment, have been designed relevant to the objective.

• The class is divided into groups and each group has a designated counselor of faculty, who works as their mentor. The students discuss academic, social, and ailment problem etc with them and seek their advice and guidance.

Irregular Behavior:
• Cheating is not allowed in examination.
• During examination usage of any unauthorized material such as cell phone, notes, guide book are prohibited.
• Seating for examination without being eligible for it.
• Looking in the direction of other examinees, passing of return notes is not allowed.
• Altering or misrepresenting examination result, theft or unauthorized possession of examination materials.
• Student cannot argue, misbehave with the teacher / invigilator in the class room or in the examination hall, in‐case of any disturbance created by any students disciplinary action will be taken against the student.

Student Code of Conduct:
• Students will respect all faculty members, staff members and other students studying in the campus.
• Students will refrain from smoking within University premises.
• Dress code to be strictly followed.
• Students will ensure that their actions do not endanger or threaten the health, safety or will being of other persons.
• All students will sign undertaking form at the time of admission.
• Students will attend lectures, Moot Court, Debates, Court visit and all necessary useful activities arranged by the Faculty of Law as well activities held at main campus of Hamdard University.

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P : (92-21) 36440035-40
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