Graduate School of Engineering Sciences & Information Technology

In pursuit of academic excellence, Graduate School of Engineering Sciences & Information Technology (GSESIT) at Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology (FEST), Hamdard University (HU) offers graduate and post-graduate programs to meet research needs and provides most supportive environment for knowledge acquisition, research and professional grooming in various fields of engineering and technology.

FEST believes in teaching and research, which is valuable in general and has societal relevance and impact in particular. Towards this end, FEST vigorously pursues quality assurance at all levels of higher education.

Hamdard Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET); formerly known as HIIT, is a constituent body of FEST, which was established in 1997 for imparting quality education and training. HIET is among the pioneer institutions to introduce in-country education in information technology and engineering.

Graduate School of Engineering Sciences & Information Technology (GSESIT) at FEST exclusively offers MS, ME and PhD programs in a variety of engineering, sciences and technology disciplines. Geared towards market-driven graduate/post-graduate studies, GSESIT provides the most congenial environment for research in engineering, sciences and technology.

Graduate School of Engineering Sciences & Information Technology at Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology is envisioned as self-sustained enterprise, which is committed to distinguished research/course-based graduate/post-graduate studies and a strong service to its students. GSESIT aims to develop its own professionals who will act as solution provider for industrial issues and needs.

Academic Programs

The graduate/postgraduate programs at GSESIT prepare students to conduct research and enable them to develop a level of knowledge and expertise that allow them to practice independently or collaboratively with others at advanced level in their field of choice. The academic programs at GSESIT draw strength from student/faculty interaction and timely completion of degree requirements. To cater for the requirements of domain specific education and research, GSESIT offers academic programs in the following areas:
Electrical Engineering
Energy Engineering
Computer Science
Energy & Environment

Department of Post-Graduate Studies

The Department of Post-Graduate Studies offers degree programs in:

Electrical Engineering

M.E. Electrical Engineering with specializations in:
Control and Automation
Communication Systems and Networks
Power Systems
Electronic Engineering
Telecommunication Systems
Embedded Systems
Computer Systems
PhD Electrical Engineering

Computer Science

M.S. Computer Science with specializations in:
Computer and Communication Networks
Software Engineering
Information and Communication Security
Information Technology
PhD Computer Science

Energy Engineering

M.E. Energy Engineering
PhD Energy Engineering

Energy and Environment

M.S. Energy and Environment
PhD Energy and Environment


M.S. Electronics
M.S. Telecommunication

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