Academic Infrastructure at HIET

Laboratory Facilities

The following laboratories have been put in place for effective hands-on experience to meet the requirements of our on-going programs.

Electronics Laboratory–I

The Electronic Laboratory–I is equipped with a range of necessary equipment like oscilloscopes, function generators, assortment of tools / accessories, DMMs, soldering tools, electronics components and accessories, electronic trainers, power supplies and a variety of digital/analogue components. Workbenches, technical books/manuals and are also essential constituents of this lab. Assistance is provided to the students by a Lab Engineer and a team of qualified lab assistants under the supervision of concerned faculty member These facilities are used for practical work for subjects like electric and electronic circuits, computer organization; operational amplifier etc. Students also undertake course projects and are encouraged to participate in electronic/science exhibitions.

Electronics Laboratory-II

The Electronics Laboratory–II is equipped with trainers for power electronics devices, and also has necessary electronics lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, function generators, power supplies, and workbenches. The lab is used for power electronics, electrical network analysis as well as a part of semiconductor devices lab.

Communications Laboratory

The Communications Laboratory has trainers for broad-band communications, analog and digital modulation. The experiments are supported by high frequency signal generators, spectrum analyzers, antenna trainers and digital storage oscilloscopes to perform time-domain and frequency-domain analysis.

Digital Systems Laboratory

Digital Systems Laboratory provides experimental facilities to study microcontroller and microprocessor systems. Microprocessor training system is a modularized approach to microprocessor concepts and applications. In addition to these training aids, this laboratory is equipped with a universal programmer used to program microcontrollers of different types as well as DSP starter kits, lab view I/O interface and so as to enable the students to perform laboratory projects and get hands-on training employing latest technology.

Electrical Machines Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with single-phase and three-phase power supplies, transformers, YL-195-motor electric traction and electrical control trainers. The lab provides students with ample knowledge about single and three-phase power supplies, transformers, motors and generators.

Industrial Control Laboratory

The lab is equipped with PLC trainers, Core 2 Duo machines and some modules like lift, DC motors. This lab facilitates performing experiments of instrumentation and industrial electronics. Some robot kits have also been acquired for this lab for the final year projects. The lab is used for electrical machines and physics experiments.

Mechanics Laboratory

The lab is equipped with helical spring, horizontal plane, inclined plane, flywheel, pulley and board apparatus, coplanar apparatus and balancing system. The lab facilitates students in experiments of engineering mechanics.

Networking Laboratory

HIET is equipped with a highly sophisticated networking lab to facilitate students for hands-on experience of CISCO devices and also to fulfill PEC requirements. Currently, it is operational with the latest CISCO routers, switches and CORE i-5 computer systems.

Simulation & Modeling Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with more than 30 PCs with supporting software like, Matlab, AutoCAD, for lab work related to signals and systems, digital signal processing, industrial electronics and control systems.

General Purpose Laboratory

A high speed laboratory equipped with latest Core i-5 systems is available to the students. This lab offer extensive usage hours and state-of-art hardware and variety of software to make computing real learning experience.

Programming Laboratory

Another microcomputer laboratory with 20 core i3 workstations are also available for programming courses and to support classroom teaching using necessary software tools.

Wireless Internet Facility

Wireless internet access is provided on campus to be used by faculty and students.


Library is the beating heart of an academic institution and focal point for the intellectuals of society. HIET has a multi-disciplinary library serving the faculty, students, researchers and staff of the university. The library started with a modest collection and has gradually added new volumes to its collection. The library subscribes to several scholarly national as well as international journals and periodicals in various disciplines, particularly in electrical, electronics, computer science and telecommunication. The library staff is always on duty to assist of students.

Research journals

The HIET subscribes over 10 international journals of reputes pertaining to relevant programs being undertaken. This facility provides easy access to faculty members & research students of target research papers etc.

R & D and Co-curricular activities

Faculty at HIET is highly motivated and focused towards research and development in the form of several research groups including wireless communication, modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence and meta-heuristic computation and power and energy. These groups have a good track record of both basic and applied research and are geared to meet the challenges and projects of vision 2020.

ICT R&D FYP Funded Program

Students of HIET apply for ICT R&D funds for final year projects to avail financial aid by Govt. of Pakistan. Under this scheme, several students applied and won research grants for the following projects:

With this modest ingress in industrial sponsorship, the faculty and students at HIET are confident to win more industry-funded projects in near future to make academic-industry collaboration a practical reality.

Co-curricular and other professional activities

Students at HIET are involved in academic and vocational pursuits as well as for the development of personal and interpersonal skills. These activities are designed keeping in view the academic load, professional growth, leadership qualities and their grooming to challenge the future needs. HIET have a very dynamic society with the name “HIET Cultural Society” to make events more theme-based and professional.

Following are the activities undertaken during the last academic year 2014-2015.

  • Workshop on MATLAB optimization tool box
  • Panel discussion on the topic “trends in artificial intelligence”
  • CPD workshops for professional development
  • Indigenous development of power system equipment
  • Industrial trips to M/s PEL, Lahore, Pakistan Cable, Lahore
  • Course related visit of High voltage & short circuit laboratory, Wapda, Rawat.
  • Recreational trips to Naran Kaghan, Tarbela Dam and Lahore
  • Sports week
  • Projects display in exhibitions
  • Farewell parties of Spring 2014 and Fall 2014
  • Seminar series on problem solving involved in complex dynamical system

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