Academic Rules & Requlations

1. Entry Requirements:

B.E (Undergraduate Engineering Programs)

Minimum 60% marks in F. Sc. ( Pr e- Engg) / D.A.E (Relevant Technolog)

Student with A-level or other Equivalent qualification, shall submit Equivalency Certificate’ (issued from I.B.C.C.) with minimum 60% marks for BE programs

B.S (Undergraduate Programs)

Minimum 45% marks in Intermediate with F.Sc.(PreEngg, ICS & Commerce)

D.A.E in Relevant Technology

Student with A-level or other Equivalent qualification, shall submit’ Equivalency Certificate’ (issued from I.B.C.C.) with minimum 45% marks

2. Merit Criteria for Admission

Category                               Weight

Entry Test & Interview            50%

HSSC. / D.A.E/ A. Level            40%

S.S.C.                                          10%

The passed entry test scores of NTS/UET, Lahore/NUST/NED/MUET will be ‘acceptable as a waiver’ to admission test & interview at HIET. The validity of test acceptance shall not be more than 01 year. Such candidates have to present valid official evidence that they have ‘successfully passed the entry exam’ of those institutions.

3. Grading Policy

‘Absolute grading’ is used for Undergraduate Programs (BE/BS) as per the following table:







85 to100  A+ 4
80 to 84 A 3.7
75 to 79  B+ 3.4
70 to 74 B 3
65 to 69  C+ 2.5
60 to 64 C 2
55 to 59  D+ 1.5
50 to 54 D 1
Below 50 F 0

4. Degree Awarding Criteria



(a) The degree (at Bachelor’s level) shall be awarded at a minimum of 2.00 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) at Hamdard Institute of Engineering and Technology.

(b) All other requirements of (completion of total number of credit hours, all course and Final Year Project of respective degree programs must be fulfilled by the student.

5. Semester System

There are two regular semesters offered at FEST for all Undergraduate programs:

  1. a) Spring Semester (18 weeks duration excluding reserved 1-2 weeks for makeup classes)
  2. b) Fall Semester (18 weeks duration excluding reserved 1-2 weeks for makeup classes)

However, the ‘summer semester’ (06 weeks duration) is also offered for students who want to cover their deficiency/improve their GPA of previous attempted courses.

6. Semester Duration

There are two regular Semesters offered at FEST for all undergraduate and master programs in a year. A regular semester (spring / fall) will be of 18-weeks duration including 2 weeks reserved for final examinations. However, the duration of the semester may be extended up to two weeks for make-up classes if required. There shall be only one (1) mid-term exam which shall be conducted in 8-9th week of the semester. The distribution of semester duration shall be as follows:

Regular classes/lectures   :    16 weeks (48 lectures)

Make-up classes                 :    1-2 weeks reserved                       19-20 weeks

Final Exams                         :    02 weeks reserved

7. Course Load per Semester

The minimum course load per semester shall be 2 courses or six (6) credits whereas, maximum course load per semester shall be six (6) courses (including theory and practical) or 20 credit hours in regular Spring and Fall semesters. Maximum 02 courses are allowed to the students for summer semesters to cover deficiency of failed courses or improve GPA of already passed courses.

Distribution of Marks (in each subject)

For undergraduate programs, marks distribution shall be as follows:

a Theory subjects (100 marks)

Title Particulars/description Marks Distribution
Mid-term Exam 1.5-2 hours duration each 30
Sessional marks Quizzes / Assignments/ Presentation 20
Final Exam Three (3) hours duration each 50
Total 100

b Practical (50 marks)

Title Particulars/description Marks Distribution
Lab Sessionals Quizzes / Assignments/ Presentation 20

Final Exam

Viva Voce Exam  


Project Lab-task
Total 50
  • There shall not be any compensatory or ‘in-lieu’ of sessional marks, nor mid-term or final examination in any circumstances.
  • Theory subjects shall comprise of total 100 marks whereas, each practical subject shall carry 50 marks and they both shall be calculated separately. This means the sum-total shall be 150 marks for theory & practical (3+1) subject.
  • The student must pass theory and practical examinations separately.

8. Probation and Promotion

(a) Promotion

Student satisfying the following two conditions is considered ‘passed in the semester’ and is promoted to the next semester:

  1. His/her Semester GPA is not less than 1.50
  2. Student does not get two (2) “F” grades in the previous semester.

(b) Promotion on Probation

A student registering in 5th semester and in subsequent semesters has to ensure that he/she has cleared all the subjects of previous years as shown below:

In 5th semester Cleared all subjects of 1st year with min. 2.0 CGPA

In 6th semester Cleared all subjects of 2nd year with min. 2.0 CGPA

In 8th semester Cleared all subjects of 3rd year with min. 2.0 CGPA

9. Relegation

Relegation means that a student has to re-commence his/her studies from an appropriate lower semester. A student shall be relegated if following two (2) conditions exists:

  1. Semester GPA of previous semester is less than 1.50.


  1. Obtains three (3) or more ‘F’ grades in the previous semester.

10. Minimum Attendance Requirements

A student shall not be allowed to appear in the final examination of any subject, if he/she fails to maintain at least 75% attendance in that subject.

11. Examination Admit-Card

The Examination Admit cards, bearing the current photograph and other particulars of the students, are issued to enable them appearing in the Mid-term and final examinations. The Admit Card shall be issued on the following conditions:

(a) All dues should be cleared.

(b) The defaulters up to an extent of Rs.10, 000/= may be allowed, subject to the permission of the head of the institute or the person designated for the said purpose.

12. Course Registration and Drop

  1. The course registration is expected to be carried out before commencement of classes of each semester. Only those courses will be allowed to register whose prerequisites courses have been cleared.
  2. A student can drop/add any course, due to any reason, within two (2) weeks after commencement of classes. No more than two (2) courses can be dropped/added in one semester.
  3. No fee shall be charged for the dropped courses. If any student has already paid the fee than his/her fee for the dropped course(s) shall be transferred to the next semester.

13. Course Withdrawal

  1. A student can apply for the withdrawal (with the approval of Director of the institute) upon recommendation of concerned Head of Department (HoD) of any course at least ‘two weeks’ before the final examination. This provision is kept for the benefit of a good students, when he/she realizes that he/she is not going well in a particular subject and taking its final examination, may badly affect his/her current SGPA and overall CGPA.
  2. Full fee shall be charged for any withdrawn course(s). There shall be ‘no full or partial refund of fee’ allowed under any circumstances.
  3. Grade ‘W’ will be mentioned in the transcript for any withdrawn course(s) and it will not be counted in the calculation of the CGPA/SGPA.
  4. Not more than two courses can be withdrawn in one semester. The same course cannot be withdrawn twice.

14. Incomplete Grade

  1. A student can be allowed an ‘Incomplete’ grade in any subject to allow him/her, not to appear in the final examination by Director of the institute (with the consent of respective teacher and HoD) after being satisfied that the concerned student has a genuine reason, beyond any doubt, that disables him/her to appear in the final examination.
  2. A student may only be allowed ‘Incomplete’ grade if he/she has passed mid-term exams.
  3. The student with incomplete grade has to take that course in later semester, or he/she shall be required to appear in the final examination only with the consent of respective teacher and head of the concerned department.
  4. Grade ‘I’ will be assigned for any ‘Incomplete’ subject. No fee shall be charged to the student for reregistering the same course in the subsequent semester.

15. Additional Course(s)

Students may be allowed ‘additional courses’ (shall be separately mentioned of student transcript’) of their interest upon recommendation of respective HoD and approval of Director of the institute. In case, if a student gets average grade in an elective subject, and he/she registers in another (but approved) elective subject then, the ‘highest grade marks in any of the subject’ shall be acceptable while recording grading student transcript.

16. Semester Drop / Temporary Suspension

Temporary suspension is allowed to students facing acute domestic problems /valid reasons subject to the approval of head of institute on the positive recommendations of concerned HoD. During suspension period, the student shall be required to pay semester charges as ‘Retention Fee’ for each suspended/missed semester whether undergraduate or postgraduate programs to continue his/ her registration with FEST.

17. Migration of students from other University/Institute

The migration policy shall be as follows:

  1. The other institutions from where a student wants to transfer to FEST must be PEC accredited institute (for BE Electrical programs) and HEC recognized institute/university in case of migration into BS program.
  2. Transfer of credit hours
  3. Only course, secured with ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ grades can be transferable. This reflects on a ‘Numerical Grade’ as minimum 60%.
  4. The courses completed by the student at other institution will be compared with similar courses being offered at HIET by In-charge Registration on the recommendation of HIET Equivalence Committee. Any deficiency shall have to be removed by the students.
  5. Not more than 50% of the courses can be transferable. The student has to fulfill all admission requirements and pay the following fee as per university policy.
    1. Prospectus / Application Package Fee
    2. Migration, Admission and Semester Fee
  • Other Registration & Enrollment requirements


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