Programs Offered

1.      Bachelors of Electrical Engineering

At present, the institute is offering BE (Electrical) with two specializations i.e. Telecommunications and Electronics. The institute plans to launch Power Engineering as the third specialization in the near future. The three specializations shall offer students to choose any one area of his/her liking and thereby enhanceing employment scope of our students. The degree program endeavors to produce graduates who could pursue higher education abroad or join the industry in the public or private sector enterprises.

Program Objectives:

The Program Objectives of BE Electronics Engineering program are:

  • The graduates of the program will possess a strong technical background as well as analytical and problem solving skills and will contribute in a variety of technical roles within the electronics and high-tech industry. Within four years of graduation, BE (Electrical) graduates are expected to be employed as test engineers, characterization engineers, applications engineers, field engineers hardware engineers, process engineers, and similar engineering technology positions within this industry.
  • The graduates of the program will be working as effective team members with excellent oral and written communication skills assuming technical and managerial leadership roles throughout their career.
  • The graduates of the program will be committed to professional development and lifelong learning by engaging in professional and/or graduate education in order to stay current in their field and achieve continued professional growth.

Studies Road Map

Bachelors of Engineering

Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
HS 111 English Composition & Comprehension 2+0
EG 121 Engineering Mechanics 3+1
CSE111 Computer Fundamentals 2+1
HU101 Islamic Studies/Ethical Behavior& Pak Studies 3+0
NS 111 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3+0
CS104 Computer Aided Engineering Drawing 0+2
Total Cr. Hr. 17
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
ES102 Basic Electrical Engineering 3+1
CSE121 Computer Programming 3+1
ES207 Semiconductor Materials and Devices 3+1
MT102 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 3+0
ES 103 Electrical Workshop 0+2
Total Cr. Hr. 17
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
ES203 Digital Logic Design 3+1
ES212 Electronic Devices and Circuits 3+1
ES209 Electrical Network Analysis 3+1
MT203 Complex Variables and Transforms 3+0
HU104 Communication Skills 3+0
Total Cr. Hr. 18
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
ES205 Electrical Machines 3+1
TE221 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3+0
ES222 Microprocessor and Interfacing 3+1
TL307 Signal & Systems 3+1
HU307 Engineering Economics & Management 3+0
Total Cr. Hr. 18
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
MT306 Numerical Methods 3+0
ES310 Integrated Circuits 3+1
CS103 Data Structure and Algorithm 3+0
Power Engineering System 3+0
ES315 Instrumentation & Measurements 3+1
Total Cr. Hr. 17
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
MT305 Probability & Statistics 3+0
ES425 Control Systems 3+1
TL 312 Data Communication 3+0
ES301 Real Time Microcomputer Embedded Systems 3+0
HU401 Technical Report Writing 2+0
EEXXX Elective – 1 3+0
Total Cr. Hr. 18
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
ES425 Digital Signal Processing 3+1
EE498 Project – 1 0+2
EEXXX Elective– 2 3+1
EEXXX Elective– 3 3+0
EEXXX Elective– 4 3+1
Total Cr. Hr. 17
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
CS200 Computer Communication & Net 3+1
EEXXX Elective – 5 3+1
EEXXX Elective – 6 3+1
EE499 Project – 2 0+4
Total Cr. Hr. 16


Total Number of Semesters    =       8

Total Number of Courses         =       39 + senior project

Total Credit hours                        =       138

2.      BS (Computer Sciences)

The BS (CS) is a four years professional degree program comprising the core courses in basic sciences, mathematics, programming and computing. The program focuses on instilling comprehensive computer science knowledge among students and exposing them to issues involved in the development of scientific, educational and commercial applications. An integrated approach to meet the hardware and software needs of the industry is adopted using modern techniques to impart knowledge through lectures as well as hands-on training in the labs. The curriculum is designed as per HEC recommendations and provides core knowledge of specialized technologies. This program gives students a solid background in the theoretical principles underlying computer science and ensures that students acquire intellectual depth necessary to keep them abreast with rapid advancement in the business.

Program Objectives:

  • Contribute academic excellence for designing, developing and producing skills in computer science and its allied areas such as software development, database, and networking and algorithm methods.
  • Develop teamwork abilities coupled with leadership and communication skills as to effectively participate in decision making for organizational growth.
  • Exhibit an intellectual sagacity for shouldering societal responsibilities in all professional endeavors
  • Persuade for post-graduation to promote professional aptitude aimed at career development for cutting edge technological paths.

Studies Road Map


Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
GS-111 Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3+0
CS-111 Introduction to Computing 2+1
HS-111 Functional English 3+0
GS-112 Basic Electronics 3+1
HS-112 Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies/Ethical Behavior 3+0
Total Cr. Hr. 16
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
GS-121 Multivariable Calculus 3+0
CS-121 Programming Fundamentals 3+1
CS-122 Discrete Structures 3+0
HS-121 Communication Skills 3+0
UE-xxx University Elective – I 3+0
Total Cr. Hr. 16
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
GS-211 Linear Algebra 3+0
CS-211 Digital Logic Design 3+1
CS-212 Object Oriented Programming 3+1
GS-212 Probability & Statistics 3+0
UE-xxx University Elective – II 3+0
Total Cr. Hr. 17
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
CS-221 Data Structures and Algorithms 3+1
CS-222 Computer Communication and Networks 3+1
CS-223 Operating Systems 3+1
GS-221 Differential Equations 3+0
UE-xxx University Elective – III 3+0
Total Cr. Hr. 18
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
CS-311 Introduction to Database Systems 3+1
CS-312 Introduction to Software Engineering 3+0
GS-311 Numerical Computing 2+1
CS-313 Computer Organization and  Assembly Language 3+1
CS-xxx CS Elective – I 3+1
Total Cr. Hr. 18
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
CS-321 Theory of Automata and Formal Languages 3+0
CS-322 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3+0
CS-323 Computer Architecture 3+0
HS-321 Technical Report Writing 3+0
CS-xxx CS Elective – II 3+1
UE-xxx University Elective – IV 3+0
Total Cr. Hr. 19
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
CS-411 Human Computer Interaction 3+0
CS-412 Compiler Construction 3+0
CS-413 Final Year Project – I 0+3
CS-414 Artificial Intelligence 2+1
CS-xxx CS Elective – III 3+1
Total Cr. Hr. 16
Course Code Course Title Cr. Hours
HS-421 Professional Practices 3+0
CS-422 Final Year Project-II 0+3
CS-xxx CS Elective – IV 3+0
CS-xxx CS Elective – V 3+0
CS-xxx CS Elective – VI 3+0
Total Cr. Hr. 15


Total number of semesters        =        8

Total number of courses           =        40 courses + project

Total credit hours               =       135

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