The Courses and Timetable Management Committee (CTMC) comprising the following:

1 Prof. Dr. A. Rehman Memon Convener
2 Mr. Salman Shah Member/Secretary
3 Chairman Electrical Engineering Member
4 Chairman Computer Science Member
5 Chairman Biomedical Engineering Member
6 Sectional Head Computer Systems Engineering Member
7 Sectional Head Telecom Engineering Member
8 Coordinator Electronics Engineering Member
9 Hani Hasan Member/Secretary
10 Mr. Shariq Ahmed Khan Member/Support


The committee is aimed at conscientious planning for the semester-wise courses offering of the ‘approved program courses’ and advising to the Director, through its recommendation, and accordingly developing & publishing the semester timetables. The committee may propose hiring of appropriate candidates to manage spread of courses as per the requirement.

Roles and Responsibilities

The committee will list the courses and sections required in coming semester, just after the midterm exam of current semester towards devising a “fool proof course plan’ based on the criteria set by accreditation agencies and the respective approved *pre-requisites list’ for the approval of Director HIET keeping in view of resources constraints.

The committee will also recommend a most feasible “Semester Time Table” at least one month before the commencement of classes keeping in view of the courses allocation, faculty and physical resources availability for the approval of Director HIET by taking necessary steps. Upon approval, the timetable shall be published for the students & faculty.

The committee may recommend allocation of courses to faculty in such a way that the institute may have multiple faculty members for the courses to avoid ‘solo dependency’ on few faculty members

The committee may coordinate with other departments like Administration (for availability of classes) and Academics for providing courses files to respective faculty committees. It shall also report any constraint(s) in smooth functioning of courses to Director HIET.

News & Notices