HIMS – Islamabad


HIMS strives to be the center of excellence in providing holistic business education to produce cutting edge leadership to meet the challenges of dynamic global market.


Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS) thrives to inculcate business acumen in its graduates through its long and illustrious tradition of Hamdard.

Encompassing holistic approach, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and cultural facets of development,HIMS provide a steady stream of quality mangers to contribute to the growing needs of Pakistan and beyond.


Globalization and over stretching of businesses have impelled many global and local business organizations to redesign their business models in order to sustain their operations and to meet the growing challenges of the future business world. To address this challenging situation, there is a growing need for educated and enterprising workforce in all economies of the world to enable sustainable socio economic development and growth and business to make success through new quality style management. For this, well rounded professionals are required who are not only professionally sound, but also ethically and socially responsible. This in turn, creates a supportive system through our innovative programs enhancing the quality of the learning process. It also promotes a culture of achievement and competence through creativity, innovation and dignity to diverse ideas, thus building a creative stream of knowledge workers, who collectively advance the good of the community.

Keeping in view the said challenges and opportunities, HIMS has designed a broad-based cross functional business education plan of higher studies, which are delivered through our undergraduate and post graduate programs in the fields of business administration and research based MS programs.  These programs are managed by our competent, qualified and experienced faculty and active participation of our enterprising students in a challenging academic environment. We strongly feel that our programs and researches are rightly directed to make prerequisite contributions in order to meet the desired human resource capital requirement of the future business world, dominated by competent and socially responsible workforce in a more open but highly competitive business environment predisposed with information technology orientation both nationally and internationally. The institute offers:

  • Modern Learning Resources
  • Internationally Benchmarked
  • Curriculum
  • Quality Teaching
  • Research Orientation
  • Industrial Partnership
  • Supportive and Diversified learning Environment
  • Career Oriented Degree
  • Computer and Research laboratories

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