HIMS programs aim to equip research scholars and students with requisite skills, competence and humanistic spirit to enable them to pursue their career with confidence. The programs provide significant value both in relevance to professional development, cost and affordability. Challenging academic environment embedded with learning resources and appreciation of real world business situations inculcates higher order learning and culture for continuous development. The Institute also provides broad – based cross functional business education to meet the business challenges of the corporate world in a deregulated and privatizing economy. Our faculty is committed to promote learning and innovative thinking, besides acquisition of requisite professional’s acumen and skills among their students through interactive paradigm. Our teaching process entails modern techniques of teaching, interactive lecture, case based studies, seminar workshops, and students also get opportunity for internship, job placement through the process interaction with business professionals and executives. Support services for students are available through student’s affairs, study rooms, Information technology lab and library and other services to facilitate their professional development during the program.

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