Promoting Culture of Social and Business Innovation

The Institute strived to achieve desired objectives of academic excellence by improving methods of instructions, promoting practical oriented learning, research under the guidance of the faculty members, presentations and its publications. Efforts are also made to ensure that the passed out students are properly placed in various business organizations and institutes within the country and abroad.

We are especially indebted to our management, faculty, students, corporate sector, nongovernmental organization, alumni and community, who lend their full support and guidance in promoting academic culture of the campus and the Institute.

Academic Culture at HIMS-IC

It has been our endeavor to promote internationalization of values of research and objective thinking and making knowledge relevant to facing the challenges of the academic profession as well as business organizations. Students were made to participate in the class room discussions and undertake researches/projects to test how far they were capable of independent research and innovative thinking. The underlying idea and thoughts are cogently articulated. The academic atmosphere is kept highly stimulating so that all the inner potentials of students could be harnessed for their overall development and growth.


Faculty and students have taken numerous research projects and activities with national and multinational organizations in various areas of business management and social marketing. The main objective is to provide a clear understanding of current business environment, with the purpose of formulating practical policies and solutions.

Industry Partnership

The institute identifies opinion leaders in industries, who could help improve quality of our programs and skill acquisition of our students. We have worked out a system of regular interaction with the key persons of industries and planning joint workshops, seminars and research activities. This experiment is likely to prove beneficial to students to get an insight into the practical functioning of business and other organizations. The faculty members are engaged for this program.

Professional Development

Scholars of repute are invited to address students on topics of advertising, marketing, on job learning. This facilitated student participation and discussions. In order to promote participatory culture and effective framework and to cultivate managerial and leadership qualities Group Dynamics sessions were organized. Such sessions develop persuasive power of students and they gain considerable confidence in handling practical problems. Moreover, students also organized workshops on different issues. The overall approach of HIMS is to promote well-rounded development of the student’s personality and to groom them to face the challenges of their professions.

Entrepreneurship activities are quite popular amongst the Students of HIMS in collaboration with the students of faculty of engineering, IT and Pharmacy. The students get engaged to develop innovative ideas, business plan and transform them into marketable products and services. This collective paradigm induces requisite dynamism that tends to trigger the sprit of entrepreneurship amongst the students. Some of the notable, ideas, products and projects are displayed in number contests and events for exhibition and to compete.

Social and Community Development

In line with the Hamdard traditions, a sense of social entrepreneurship is also being promoted. In this faculty and students take initiatives to promote social and community services.  This way they are not only become more responsive to social issues as well as they acquire requisite knowledge and skills to serve social and development organisations as effective agent of change.

Study Trips and Excursion

Study tours are organized for students to visit Industries, banks and other public and commercial ventures. The faculty and students visited some of the industries like Forward Sports Sialkot

Student Counseling

The field of student counseling, which helps students overcome their academic and personality problems inhibiting their performance. We are reinforcing the process to pursue it in a more organized manner so that students are able to off-load their emotional problems and are geared to higher academic achievements.


Along with academic excellence HIMS Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities specifically outdoor sports. We celebrated Hamdard Sports Week HIMS students participated in all favorite sports, particularly cricket.

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