Lab Facilities

Basic Medical Sciences Laboratory:

In this lab, the pharmacy students perform different experiments of Physiology, Histology, Anatomy, Pathology and Pharmacology. The students learn the structure and functions of different parts of human body in normal and disease state and the effects of the medicines on the body. It contains all essential material and equipment necessary to study the effects of drugs on isolated tissues and organs. As a result the student experiences first hand practical training into the biological processes in living tissues.  This together with their knowledge from fully integrated lectures enhances the learning experience.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory:

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratory in the School of Pharmacy is a modern teaching facility fully equipped with fume hoods and other ancillary, structures and equipment to enable high-level teaching of synthetic organic, inorganic and analytical chemistry. In this lab, the students perform the practical of Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry and learn the techniques of identification, purification and synthesis of medicinal compounds.

Pharmaceutics Laboratory:

Students have access to compounding facilities and equipment for the extemporaneous compounding of liquid, solid and semi-solid dosage forms. This practical focus allows our students to experience a fully integrated learning approach in the development of various pharmaceutical dosage forms and extemporaneous preparations reinforcing the skills and knowledge of our students in both pharmaceutical industry and clinical practice.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory:

In this lab the students learn the identification, testing, and handling of different microorganisms. They also learn the techniques of antimicrobial assay, biochemical testing and sterilization which are employed in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical settings.

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