IT Facility


Staff and student email.


An extensive range of IT training for staff and students.

Managed desktop and software downloads

software available for download, and information about applications installed on standard IT Services desktops.

Web publishing

publishing many departmental web design and more.


network-based printing across the University, in departments and in workareas.


live broadcasting of Convocation and Ph.D. defense.

E-learning and e-assessment and source matching

support for technology enhanced teaching, including Moodle, online admission and online test.


help with the computer that sits on your desk or travels with you, from buying a computer to setting it up, maintaining it and disposing of it.

Work areas and Laboratories and Helpdesk Support

computer rooms for use by members of the University and Computer Laboratories for Students.

File storage

storage for files and folders accessible from your desktop, and data backup and recovery services.

User Accounts (Domain Services) and DNS

accounts or login names for University members to access a range of IT facilities. Information about registering for an account and changing your password (including challenge questions).

Staff and student admin applications

support for the key business processes associated with staff and student administration at the University, such as student records, timetabling, and HR.

Students Registration / Examination Systems

Server provisioning

platforms for applications. Includes looking after the hardware and essential components such as the operating system and database, so that the application can run.


the campus Network (LAN/WIFI), Infrastructure Cabling for the network and Data Center.