Though the emergence of Hamdard University on the educational scene of Pakistan is in a fledgling stage yet the evolution it has witnessed thus far sets the trend that others are trying to replicate. The University does not want to rest on its laurels and therefore strives hard for further growth and maturity in order to be at par with renowned universities in the region.
The Main Campus of Hamdard University at Madinat alHikmah is spread over a picturesque landscape and is located in the vicinity of Sindh Balochistan border 8 km from the commercial center of the metropolis, on the main highway leading to Bund Murad Khan. The location of the campus is of great historical and geographical significance. It lies on the main highway, which connects it to the Hub Chowki on the highway to Quetta, and is situated along the Hub River on the borders of Sindh and Baluchistan. The site, according to the renowned historians and archaeologists, is the place where Muhammad Bin Qasim, who made Sindh the gateway of Islam in the sub-continent, landed on his way to Daibal. The Campus is also closer to yet another celebrated site i.e. the shrine of Shah Noorani in Lasbela, Balochistan. Access to the university has been further strengthened for the people of the South West and North due to the completion of Northern By-pass which connects the Super Highway to Hamdard University on one hand and with Balochistan on the other.

The shades of green interlaced with flowers and fruits of varying hues and colors, coupled with a rich and varied fauna, sustained by the proximity of the Hub River, lend a distinct flavor to an ideal site suited to academic and research pursuits, away from the hectic life of the megapolis. Nature, at Hamdard, manifests itself explicitly. Within its boundaries, purpose built architectural marvels of different faculties and departments merge well into the planned landscape setting spread of over 350 acres. It is in the context of this natural setting and historical site that Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said envisioned and established Hamdard University – now one of the biggest seats of higher learning in the Private Sector.

The Faculties

  • Faculty of Eastern Medicine
  • Faculty of Engineering Sciences & Technology
  • Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Pharmacy


In addition to the Main Campus at Madinat al-Hikmah, the University has following campuses:

Islamabad Campus at Blue Area, Islamabad.
Karachi City Campus at Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi.


Three hospitals of the University for the training of the graduating medical students are:

Hamdard University Hospital Taj Medical Complex
Hamdard University Dental Hospital North Nazimabad Shifa-ul-Mulk Memorial Hospital at Madinat al-Hikmah Niamat Begum Mother and Child Care Centre

Islamabad Campus:

Hamdard University’s sphere of activities, extend to the capital Islamabad, where its campus offers programs in pharmaceutical sciences, management sciences and engineering.

Madinat al-Hikmah – Main Campus

The resources of the University are devoted to fulfill its mission, aimed at developing qualified, knowledgeable professionals and scholars, capable of creating new horizons on the glorious foundations of the oriental heritage of knowledge merging with the latest developments in the West. The University provides an academic and healthy environment, which is based on the philosophy that the ultimate reality can be arrived at through reason and intellectual pursuits.