In the recent times, progress in Pharmaceutical industry has taken new heights. If you want to start your Pharmacist Drug Journey for Innovative Research in the fields of Method Development, Medicinal Chemistry, Computer-Aided Drug Designing (CADD), Molecular Modeling, Quality Control and Quality Assurance; We invite you to join Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Hamdard University, Karachi for Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Pharmaceutical Chemistry under the supervision of highly qualified PhD scholars and dedicated PhD enrolled teachers. The Department works with the following salient features:

  • Learning in a flexible and conducive environment, most important feature where everyone takes care of one another.
  • The post-graduate studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry may help the student to acquire a broad skill set of chemistry with well-equipped pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • To pursue studies in the development of Pharmaceuticals, Cosmeceuticals and/or Nutraceuticals leading to careers in pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology labs and Research & Development (R & D)
  • Collaborative Research relationships with renowned Research Organizations and Universities.
  • Facilitation to participate workshops, seminars and conferences to enhance conceptual knowledge relevant to particular research.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the Research Grant winning for the project as financial aid from Hamdard University Research Committee (HURC), Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), PASTIC and/or HEC
  • Eagerly address the need for students who wish to join either industry or academia. The department might offer teaching job during study as Teaching Assistant and as Lecturer after the completion of M.Phil. degree to the competent learners.

Get enrolled and experience the difference.

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