Being a part of the educational as well as corporate world, Hamdard University understands the emerging need to support learners in new roles, procedures and practices. Learning teams across the world are adapting new strategies to hone the skills of employees to bring out the best for the organization. Not only as a response to current pandemic but also beyond, Hamdard University extended the opportunity to improve and value the unique contribution of its employees to a shared mission. Hamdard University, Faculty of Management Sciences initiated 02 days HU Training Boot Camp on January 11th 2021 which was followed by an interactive session by Dr. Saleem Arshad on topic Hikmat and Leadership, to engage employee in advance learning environment.

We realize that life gets busy and you’re always on the go! As seminar can be boring at times, this active camping day began with an excursion at HUB Dam; employees enjoyed the beautiful sight of the HUB Dam while soaking in the sun at the outskirts of the city. By the sunset employees took an active part in brainstorming activities and sports as fitness is indeed important, a session on Health and Physique was also conducted as Hamdard University cares for its employee’s health. After hours of cherishing the mother-nature, they left for Scholar House and had their supper refreshments in the cozy weather. The participants rested for a while and then started preparing a super-delicious traditional Balochi dish, named Dumpukht, they dough-sealed the meal accompanied by Bonfire as it’s the time of the year to gather around! Half of the staff were engaged in outdoor games i.e., cricket, football, volleyball, and badminton while the other half enjoyed snooker, ludo (the traditional Pakistani game). Then they attended an open discussion session conducted by Dr. Kiran Jameel on “Conflict Management”. The whole crew was so helpful in serving the dinner, as it’s said; “staff that eats together, stays together”. The day perfectly ended with a cup of coffee on the freezing night.

The next day, all participants went for an early morning walk, explored Hamdard University herbal garden, fish farm, vegetable and coconut farms. This soulful walk was so refreshing and exhilarating. On their return to Scholar House, they enjoyed freshly prepared breakfast. After a while, staff attended a training session on “Health and Physique and How to Improve Immunity”. Lastly, a Cricket Match was scheduled for the perfect closing of Boot Camp, the entire crew played well with enthusiasm. After enjoying an exciting cricket match, all participants ate lunch together and afterwards received certificate of participation by Hon. Vice Chancellor – Prof. Dr. Syed Shabib Ul Hasan accompanied by Respected Registrar Mr. Pervez Ahmed Memon.

The 02 Days boot camp gave a chance of socializing to employees within the organization as internal communication has a much broader purpose. Exercising workers in such training programs freshen them up and creates a positive zest among them. Boot Camp provides an opportunity for participants to discover alternative perspectives. Discussing and practicing these skills in a safe and supportive environment help the employees develop greater confidence to bring their knowledge back to their workplace once again.


Written by: Yusra Karim & Maida Abid

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