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BS Artificial Intelligence


To achieve excellence in quality education and research to prepare leaders in computational and allied sciences; contributing to industrial & societal development and prosperity.


To nurture well-rounded AI professionals with creative and entrepreneurial minds by applying basic principles and concepts of intelligent computational systems for providing quality solutions having social responsibilities and moral values that can be beneficial for the industry, country, and humanity.

Program Objectives and Goals

The BS Artificial Intelligence program at HU has been designed to produce professionals who have excellent problem solving and reasoning skills to analyze, design, and create intelligent systems by thinking critically. The curriculum provides a blend of mathematical approach, statistical and classical AI and integrated computing techniques, and business-related areas to produce graduates capable of providing intelligent solutions in industry, academics, and research. After completing the program, a student will:

  • Be able to impart quality education and build student’s capacity to emerge as professionals in the field of AI by acquiring deep knowledge of both computational and human sciences and learning core AI concepts and techniques.
  • Be able to focus on complex multimedia inputs, such as speech, image, video, natural language, and large datasets to make decisions by applying reasoning skills.
  • Be able to have appropriate communication skills and the ability to perform effectively as an individual and as a group member or entrepreneur in multi-disciplinary domains.
  • Be able to provide effective technological solutions in all the diversified areas like business, healthcare, transportation, agriculture, and education, etc.

Program Summary

Program Duration4 Years (7 years max.)
Number of Semesters8
Average number of Courses per Semester5 or 6
Total Credit Hours131 (*Additional/Deficiency courses not included while calculating CGPA for intermediate Pre-Medical Students)

Admission Eligibility

  • At least 50% marks in Intermediate (HSSC) examination with Pre-Engineering or equivalent qualification with Mathematics certified by IBCC.
  • “OR” At least 50% marks in Intermediate (HSSC) examination with Pre-Medical but students must pass deficiency courses of Mathematics of 06 credit hours within one year of their regular undergraduate studies.
Semester 1
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
MT-110Basic Mathematics-1*3
GE-111Islamic Studies/Ethics2
NS-111Applied Physics2
NS-111LApplied Physics Lab1
GE-112English Grammar & Comprehension3
GE-113Introduction to IT and Computing3
GE-113LIntroduction to IT and Computing Lab1
 Semester Credit Hours15 
Semester 2
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
MT-120Basic Mathematics-2*3
MT-121Calculus and Analytical Geometry3
CS-121Programming Fundamentals3
CS-121LProgramming Fundamentals Lab1
GE-121Communication & Presentation Skills3
CS-122Discrete Structures3
GE-122Pakistan Studies2
 Semester Credit Hours15 
Semester 3
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
CS-211Object Oriented Programming3CS-121
CS-211LObject Oriented Programming Lab1CS-121L
AI-211Artificial Intelligence3
AI-211LArtificial Intelligence Lab1
MT-211Probability & Statistics3
MT-212Linear Algebra3
CS-212Data Communications & Computer Networks3
CS-212LData Communication & Computer Networks Lab1
 Semester Credit Hours18 
Semester 4
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
CS-221Data Structures & Algorithms3CS-121
CS-221LData Structures & Algorithms Lab1CS-121L
CS-222Software Engineering3
AI-221Stochastic Processes3MT-211
SC-221Multi-variable Calculus3MT-121
 Semester Credit Hours16 
Semester 5
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
CS-311Database Systems3CS-221
CS-311LDatabase Systems Lab1CS-221L
CS-312Operating Systems3CS-221
CS-312LOperating Systems Lab1CS-221L
SC-311Numerical Computing2
SC-311LNumerical Computing Lab1
AI-311Machine Learning3AI-221
AI-311 LMachine Learning Lab1AI-221L
SC-312Graph Theory3 
 Semester Credit Hours18 
Semester 6
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
CS-321Information Security3
GE-321Professional Practices3
AI-321Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition3 
AI-321LComputer Vision and Pattern Recognition Lab1 
AI-322Design and Analysis of Algorithms3CS-221
AIE-3XXDomain Elective -13
 Semester Credit Hours16 
Semester 7
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
AI-411Final Year Project Part -I3 
AI-412Natural Language Processing3 
AI-413Deep Learning3 
AIE-4XXDomain Elective -23 / (2+1)
AIE-4XXDomain Elective -33 / (2+1)
UE-41XUniversity-Elective 33
 Semester Credit Hours18 
Semester 8
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
AI-421Final Year Project Part -II3AI-411
GE-421Technical & Business Report Writing3
AIE-4XXDomain Elective -43 / (2+1)
AIE-4XXDomain Elective -53 / (2+1)
 Semester Credit Hours15 
University Electives
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
UE-111Financial Accounting3
UE-221Financial Management3
UE-222Principles of Management and Economics3
UE-412Marketing and Management3
UE-411Human Resource Management3
UE-422Organizational Behavior3
UE-112Foreign Languages3
Artificial Intelligence (Domain) Core
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
AI-211Artificial Intelligence (Domain Core-1)3+1 
AI-221Stochastic Processes(Domain Core-2)3MT-121
AI-311Machine Learning(Domain Core-3)3+1 
AI-321Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition(Domain Core-4)3 
AI-322Design and Analysis of Algorithm3CS-221
AI-411Natural Language Processing(Domain Core-5)3AI-311
AI-412Deep Learning(Domain Core-6)3 
AI Elective
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPre-requisite
AIE-4XXExpert Systems3 
AIE-4XXGraph Theory3 
AIE-4XXSpecial Topics in AI3 
AIE-3XXHuman Computer Interaction3 
AIE-4XXData Warehousing and Data Mining3/(2+1) 
AIE-3XXIntroduction to Bioinformatics3 
AIE-4XXDesign of IoT3 
AIE-3XXHigh Performance Computing3 
AIE-4XXMedical Imaging3 
AIE-3XXIntroduction to Robotics3 
AIE-4XXSpecial Topics in AI3 
AIE-3XXComputational Cognitive Sciences3 
AIE-4XXMotion Planning3 
AIE-3XXInformation Retreival3 
AIE-4XXOptimization Techniques3 
AIE-4XXVirtual & Augmented Reality3 
For Pre-Medical
Basic Mathematics 1 Course ContentsBasic Mathematics 2 Course Contents
Number Systems (Rationale, Irrationale, Complex)Induction theory (Mathematical Induction & Binomial
Set Theory (Operations, Properties, VennDifferentiation
Fractions (Rationale, Proper, Improper)Integration
Quadratic EquationPermutation and Combination
Sequence Series (Arithmatic, Geomatric, Harmonic) 

For Admission Inquiries

Cell No: +92-302-1025864
Email: muhammad.faheem@hamdard.edu.pk, saher.shimail@hamdard.edu.pk

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