Established in 1992, Hamdard Institute of Education and Social Sciences (HIESS) has the privilege to be the first constituent Institute of the University. The priority given to this Institute was a clear manifestation of both Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said`s realization of the importance of teacher education in the development of future generations and his disappointment and discontentment with the traditional methodologies of the then existing teacher training institutions. The basic statement, which later became the motto of the Institute, was “the production of the unconventional, capable, dynamic, creative, democratic and innovative teacher”. With this principle being the guiding force of operation, the Institute, with a small team of academicians, embarked upon its long and ambitious journey from a rather modest beginning. Now, HIESS has gained an enviable reputation of an exceptional teacher training institute in Pakistan, and has established itself as an esteemed organization, producing research scholars in the various fields of social sciences and education. Students from all over the country get enrolled in the various programs of studies, which have all the characteristics to be called “unique” due to their extraordinary emphasis on character building, original reflection and creativity. The novelty of the Institute also lies in its egalitarian and humanistic orientations. Knowledge being upheld as the highest value, the Institute has made a conscious effort to break, the distracting social prejudices, by setting on a lasting foundation of wealth, gender, language, age, religion, nation and ethnicity. The classes at HIESS present a colorful tapestry of students, differing widely in age group, social class, linguistic affiliation, religious background etc., but getting the same opportunities and rights. HIESS is an emblem of hope for many as it has opened for them new avenues to a successful, dignified and better life through its liberal structure. For instance its weekend program is the first to provide in-service teachers a vital opportunity to develop their potential, personality and to ensure a bright future.

If regarded closely, it would become manifest that, despite its miniature status in the grand picture that all the Institutions of Hamdard University combine to form, HIESS is most powerful with the biggest radius of influence as it is producing worthy teachers who will monitor the young mind to shape the history of our nation. HIESS is categorically producing a group of professionals whose effect on the society will start becoming visible in due course of time.

Hamdard Institute of Social Science and Humanities Vision:

“Teacher Education and other Social Science Programs at Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH) prepare unconventional, capable, dynamic, creative, democratic, innovative and research minded teachers and professionals to meet the socio-economic and educational needs of the society through quality education at affordable cost.”


The mission of FSSH is to provide exemplary programs that help teachers and other professionals make effective decisions in diverse contexts. The program is derived from latest research theories and best practices and is designed to meet the current and emerging educational and social needs of educational institutions at local, provincial and national levels. The program offers a curriculum that recognizes its egalitarian and humanistic orientations and the relationship between education and society. It gives due importance to the existing knowledge about learning and teaching and multidisciplinary, the role of technology in instruction and upcoming challenges by developing professional and pedagogical research based knowledge on existing and emerging theories and application of the required knowledge and skills in diverse educational settings.


We envision a learning community marked by academic excellence, creative process, professional competence, and passionate citizens, offering healing, hope and a high level of satisfaction in our changing world.


    1. To prepare the best teachers through a rigorous Teacher Education Program that seeks integration across various disciplines.
    2. To exhibit a reflective teaching model that demonstrates excellence.
    3. To display the strength to serve as collaborative change agents with sensitivity to an interdependent world.
    4. To enable the candidates to respect and recognize cultural diversity.
    5. To promote social harmony and peace building in learning communities.
    6. To exhibit resourcefulness and responsibility in educational settings influencing positive change.

About Us

Hamdard University is a private research university with campuses in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan. It was founded in 1991 by the renowned philanthropist Hakim Said of the Hamdard Foundation. Hamdard is one of the first and the oldest private institutions of higher education in Pakistan.

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