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Welcome to Hamdard University

The Main Campus of Hamdard University at Madinat al-Hikmah spreads over a plain with a picturesque landscape, located in the vicinity of Sindh Balochistan border 28 km from the commercial center of Karachi, on the main highway leading to Bund Murad Khan (Dam). The location of the campus is of great historical and geographical significance. It lies on the main highway, which connects it to the Hub Chowki on the road to Quetta. It is situated along the Hub River on the borders of Sindh and Balochistan provinces. The site, according to the renowned archaeologists, is the place where Muhammad Bin Qasim, who made Sindh the gateway to Islam in the subcontinent, landed on his way to Daibal.The Campus is also close to yet another historic site i.e. the shrine of Shah Noorani in the Lasbela district of Balochistan.

The Faculties:

  1. Faculty of Eastern Medicine
  2. Faculty of Engineering Sciences & Technology
  3. Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences
  4. Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
  5. Faculty of Legal Studies
  6. Faculty of Management Sciences
  7. Faculty of Pharmacy


In addition to the main campus at Madinat al-Hikmah, the University has following campuses:

  1. Islamabad Campus
  2. Karachi City Campuses


Three well-equipped teaching hospitals of the University for the training of the students of medical sciences are.

  1. Hamdard University Hospital Taj Medical Complex
  2. Hamdard University Dental Hospital North Nazimabad
  3. Shifa-ul-Mulk Memorial Hospital at Madinat al-Hikmah

Islamabad Campus:

Hamdard University’s sphere of activity in education of science and technology is extended to Islamabad, where its campus offers programs in pharmaceutical sciences, management sciences and engineering.

Madinat al-Hikma-Main Campus:

The resources of the University are devoted to fulfill its mission, aimed at developing qualified, knowledgeable professionals and scholars, capable of creating new horizons on the glorious foundations of the oriental heritage of knowledge. The University provides an academic and conducive environment, which is based on the philosophy that the ultimate reality can be reached through pure reason and intellectual pursuits. It is an endeavor to enliven the academic tradition of educational institutions of the “Golden Era” of Muslim Civilization and therefore an attempt to achieve success and glories through assimilating the present day rising curve of knowledge.

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