The Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor’s Message

Hamdard University has a mission to nurture the youth into enlightened future of mankind as expressed by the Founder Chancellor, Shaheed Hakim Muhammed Said:

“Our main role is to develop our students in the qualities of devotion, love, determination and service to humanity”

 Keeping in view the legacy of its great Founder Chancellor, Hamdard University has been seeking to promote education opportunities in the country and playing a spirited part to pursue excellence higher education in the country since its inception in 1991.

Hamdard University has maintained to develop a reputation of academic excellence and a firm commitment to its Founder Chancellor’s mission. Every member of the Hamdard University hold firm belief in their role-play of constructing a significant and continual development of a pool of enlightened professionals committed to service the mankind, as envisaged by the Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Said.

Hamdard University has always focused on educating and nurturing youth of different socio-economic spectra to assume leadership roles and bring about positive changes in the society. Through its well designed curricula, the University seeks to provide value-centered undergraduate, graduate and post graduate education in broad fields of eastern medicine, engineering, medical sciences, law, pharmacy, management sciences and social sciences. The conducive environment provided by the University helps in promoting effective teaching, learning and personal development aimed at inculcating a vision in its graduates to attain the inner freedom to make intelligent choices in their professional life.

Hamdard University believes that its students are its main assets and look forward to a healthy relationship where dialogue becomes the pillar of understanding and actions portray our values of servicing mankind. Together we promote the “open door” culture, to remain open to the deserved needs and not demands of the society. At Hamdard University we focus to make our students all-around graduates ready for the ups and downs of life and the market.

I welcome all the students who choose to be a part of this premier University. I am sure that you will feel pride in being part of our objective and make us equally proud with your upward excellence.

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