You have decided to study Business Administration. It is certainly an important decision of your life but now you are confronted with an even more challenging choice: Where should you go? Which institute should you attend? The multitude of websites and scores of prospectuses are supposed to provide you the answers, but no one will fully satisfy you, we will. Academic excellence is undoubtedly the most important factor in deciding which institution to go to; we, at HIMS, believe in it. A lot happens to you during your university days and we promise to make this the most pleasant learning experience of your lifetime. Without sounding too proud, we assure you that the Hamdard experience will be one you will remember and cherish.

A Different Approach to Learning

Our focus is on helping students succeed in a dynamic environment. The appropriate and strong business curricula at HIMS will provide you a solid foundation in the major areas of business.

Our approach is interactive and requires at least 85% attendance in classes throughout the semester.

Mr. Kaleem Ahmed Ghias 

On behalf of the Faculty of Management Sciences, I convey my gratitude for showing your interest in our programs. Our primary goal is to promote peace, progress and prosperity, which can be achieved through acquisition of requisite knowledge and skills.

Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS) follows the philosophy of Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Said, which has always been the vision to influence and inspire students to play an important role in business especially with the issues faced by society. The many challenges across Pakistan in terms of social correspondence and public welfare require a mix of strong think tank managerial and leadership potentials to guide a roadmap for future through quality style management strategies. HIMS has always focused on developing the curriculum that highlights these multifaceted aspects of the society linking them to the business perspectives and practices. The department is meticulously focusing on research to keep abreast with the modern changes taking place around the world. This is important for the students, giving them an edge to establish asynthesized relationship in order to channelize, coordinate and correspond with the various challenges.

HIMS has developed different programs at the undergraduate, graduate and research levels keeping in view to the challenges of the new era. HIMS has been a leading business school in terms of management thinking, theory, practice and distinct useable research. Our commitment to occupy the position can be taken from this fact that we always encourage our scholars to develop a foundation in the area of their interest. The program requires long hours of consistent hard and smart work and a strong will power to put an extra effort in order to harness the techniques not in both in quantitative and qualitative aspect of research methods, needed for quality of meaningful research output as well as sensitized analysis research of the world. This is where HIMS accommodates its students to every possible extent to ensure a successful transition in developing a cadre of strong professional minds, with sense of social responsiveness.

HIMS over the years has harnessed skills in its students enabling them to become a socially responsible human resource, with requisite knowledge and professional acumen to deal with modern business challenges. The Institute has a qualified and competent faculty which is committed to use its teaching, case methods and research strengths in order to improve the concepts, understanding and professional skills among students besides interaction with industry and professional experts. For all postgraduates we have a team of research active staff, who are quite proficient in their disciplines.

To assist you in this decision, I am fairly confident that this prospectus will provide useful insights to our programs, scholarships, financial assistance, campus facilities and research, as well as other information that may answer the questions you have regarding our business school, HIMS. Our team warmly invites you to HIMS and with fair amount of confidence that your time here will be a learning and rewarding experience.

Academic Rules and Regulations

Students admitted to HIMS must abide by all academic and administrative rules, as approved or modified by HU/HIMS from time to time. All admissions are provisional and HIMS reserves the right to cancel admission of any student for indiscipline, violating rules, providing false information, manipulating the documents, or for any other reason. The students are required to adhere to the code of ethics and conduct for HIMS students. A copy of the same may be obtained from the Director`s office.


The students will be considered on the rolls of the University after due enrollment. Duly filled in enrollment  form along with necessary documents must be submitted in the office of the Deputy Registrar (Academics), through HIMS Office, within six weeks from the date of admission in any program at HIMS. A student who fails to do so will be liable to cancellation of admission without any refund of fees. Fresh enrollment shall be required for each degree program. The following documents are to be submitted along with the enrollment form

  1. A copy of matriculation certificate along with the original. The latter will be returned after verification
  2. A copy of the pre-requisite certificates/diplomas/ degrees along with the originals. The later will be returned after verification
  3. Original marks sheet(s) of the requisite examination(s) to be retained by the University
  4. Two recent photographs of 1” x 1” size
  5. A copy of student`s N.I.C. (or father`s N.I.C. along with form `B` from students under 18 years of age)

Students seeking admission on the basis of `A` levels/`O` levels or degrees from foreign institution/universities are required to obtain and submit “Equivalence Certificate” from the Competent Authority (Inter Board Committee of Chairmen Islamabad in case of Matriculation, Intermediate and Higher Education Commission, Islamabad in case of graduation).

Enrollment in a degree program shall be valid as under Degree Program Validity

BBA (4 years)6 years
BS (4 years)6 years
BBS6 years
BBS/MBA2 years
MBA (3.5 years)6 years
MBA (2.5 years)4 years
MBA (1.5 years)2 years
MS (1.5 years)2 years
DBA (1.5 years)2 years

After the expiry of this period, the student shall apply for fresh enrollment with payment of requisite charges.


Punctuality and regular attendance in lectures and other course related work is necessary. A minimum of 85% attendance is compulsory in every course. From the date of commencement of a course, a maximum absence of 7 sessions in regular semester, 4 sessions (2 hours each) in summer semester and 3 sessions (3 hours each) on weekends, shall be allowed. Absences exceeding these limits will result in award of an `F` grade in the respective course.
There is no provision of condoning absence beyond these limits for any reason, whatsoever. Absence on the first day of the semester, immediately before and / or after holidays, and examinations, is considered a serious offence and shall render the student liable to suitable disciplinary action. In certain exceptional cases, such as hospitalization, on production of suitable proof, the attendance requirement may be relaxed from 85% to 75% by the approval of Director HIMS.

Teaching Methodology

A typical 3 credit hour course is delivered in 42-48 teaching hours including examinations, 3 hours per week, spread over roughly 16-18 weeks in a regular semester; 6 hours per week, spread over roughly 8 weeks in summer semester and / or weekends in Executive MBA programs. Teaching mix consists of lectures, assignments, seminars, research projects and/or any other learning activity suited to the course as determined by the Course Instructor, in consultation with the Chairman of the teaching department concerned.

Course Load

The normal course load for every semester shall be followed as stated in the respective program offering in the prospectus. The Institute reserves the right to change the number and composition of the courses required for a degree program due to any reason.


The SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) and CGPA (Cumulative Grade Points Average) shall be calculated according to the under mentioned formula. CGPA= Sum of (Credit Hours) x GPA Total Credit Hours

Grading Scheme

A typical 3 credit-hour courses offered in all programs shall be evaluated on the following scheme:

Quizzes (n-1)10%
Assignment (s)/Termreport20%
Mid-Term Examination30%
Terminal Examination 40%
Total  100%

Depending on special requirements of any course, the course instructor may prescribe a different scheme of evaluation with the approval of the Director, HIMS upon the recommendation of Chairman of the Department. Students shall not be allowed to take examinations: (a) If they fail to produce I.D. Cards in the Midterm Examination and Admit Cards (issued by HIMS office after all necessary clearances) in the Semester Final Examination and / or (b) If they are defaulting in payment of fee.

Dropping a course

A student may apply to drop a course within 3 regular sessions from the start of the semester / course in a regular semester. Students are not encouraged to drop more than one course in a semester. A written permission shall be required on the prescribed “Course Drop Form” with “No Objection” from the Course Instructor and approval of the Academic Advisor. The fee paid for such course shall not lapse and will be accounted for later. A course taken in summer semester or on weekends cannot be dropped.

Withdrawal from a course

A student may apply for withdrawal from a course within 10 weeks of start of session, in a regular semester. A written permission from the Director shall be required on the prescribed “Course Withdrawal Form” with “No Objection” from the Course Instructor. Withdrawal from a course taken in summer semester or on weekends must be applied for one day before the mid-term examination. The students allowed withdrawal will not be awarded `F` in the course and the course will not be counted for purposes of calculating GPA/CGPA. The fee paid for such course shall not be refunded.

Incomplete Course

A student who has completed all attendance requirements in a course and taken all class tests and quizzes with a minimum of 50% marks in the semester work and fails to appear in the semester final examination due to any genuine reason may apply for `incomplete` in the course on the joint recommendation of the Course Instructor and the Academic Advisor. After the approval of the Dean/Director, the student shall be granted `I` which will not count towards calculation of SGPA or CGPA. The student must apply for conversion and shall be given an examination paper of 40 marks within six weeks from the date of the final examination of that course, failing which the` I will be converted to an F.

Dropping a Semester

A student may be permitted to drop a maximum of two semesters for genuine reasons during a degree program. The period of discontinuation shall be included in the validity period of his/her enrollment.

Promotion to next higher semester

A minimum CGPA of 1.8 is required for promotion. However, the students with a CGPA less than 2.5 will be on probation. The student who fails/drops/withdraws four or more courses will not be promoted as well. If a student fails to achieve CGPA of 1.8 in two consecutive semesters, his/her name shall be removed from the rolls of the University

Eligibility for award of Degree

Students are required to obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 out of 4.0 to earn any degree / diploma and pass a comprehensive examination, as per rules. The students with a CGPA of less than 2.5 shall be required to improve by repeating in full the courses with a `C` grade to fulfill the eligibility requirements.

Promotion from BBA 4 years to MBA

BBA (Hons.) students with deficiencies/CGPA less than 2.5 shall not be eligible for promotion to MBA. They shall be required to remove deficiencies/improve CGPA. 

Improvement of CGPA

Students having CGPA of less than 3.0 may be permitted to repeat only those courses in which they have earned `C` Grade. Such courses may be taken in a regular semester, Weekend or Summer Program on payment of requisite course fee. Permission to repeat a course shall be given only once. If a student fails or gets a poorer result in subsequent attempt, his/her previous result shall hold good.

Migration and Transfer of Credits

Students seeking admission on advanced standing basis are allowed exemption for similar courses passed in at least `B` grade from recognized/Chartered institutions provided they also fulfill the basic admission criteria for the relevant degree program. The equivalence of course outlines shall be determined by the Dean, Director and concerned H.O.D., N.O.C / Clearance from the Institute / University is required to be submitted by the student to get admission at HIMS. If a foreign citizen migrates from abroad, he/she shall be required to provide N.O.C. from the relevant Ministry of the Government of Pakistan. Exemption in a course shall be allowed only if the course contents match at least 80% with the corresponding course at HIMS.

Migration from a recognized Institute / University shall be allowed only if the student has completed at least one semester at the parent Institute / University. It is also be incumbent upon the students to complete at least 50% of his / her course work at HIMS. Transfer of credit(s) in similar course(s) passed by a student is allowed only if he/she has transferred from a constituent or affiliated institution of Hamdard University.

Maximum Course Load

Maximum course load shall be determined on the basis of performance of the student as under: GPA / CGPA Below 1.8

Only deficiency courses (in which the student has failed) shall be offered. Total number of courses must not exceed the normal course load of the staying semester. 1.8 to 2.5

Total number of courses (including deficiency courses, if any) shall not exceed the normal course load of the probationary semester. More than 2.5 to 3.0 Normal course load of the semester plus one deficiency course.

More than 3.0 Normal course load of the semester plus two deficiency courses. A minimum CGPA of 2.5 is mandatory for the award of a degree. Repeating / improving grade / incomplete / taking courses from other campuses of this University shall disqualify the student for award of positions / medals. Those students who fail to complete the degree requirements shall be eligible for award of certificates for the courses that they have completed.


Internship At least one, 6-8 week internship is  mandatory for the award of a degree. These internships can be arranged /allowed during summer and / or any other convenient time. The concerned Academic Advisor, on the basis of reports from the organizations served, evaluates the internees. Courses at Other Campuses Students enrolled in one program may be allowed to take courses in other programs under certain rules and conditions and only on the approval of Director HIMS.

Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Examination After completion of all courses prescribed for a degree and obtaining a minimum CGPA of 2.5, students shall be eligible for and required to take a “Comprehensive Examination”. Satisfactory performance in this examination is mandatory for the award of degree. Any student failing in comprehensive examination shall be eligible for the next comprehensive examination only after an interval of one regular semester. A maximum of three attempts shall be allowed to a student failing which he / she shall be eligible for award of certificates for the completed courses.

BBA (4-Year)HSC from a recognized board with 45% marks or its equivalent.
MBA (3.5-Year)(M / E/ W)*2-Year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with minimum 45% marks.
MBA (2.5-Year)(M / E/ W)*4-Year Bachelor’s degree (Non-Business) from a recognized university with minimum 45% marks.
MBA (1.5-Year)(M / E/ W)*4-Year Bachelor’s degree (Business Graduate) from a recognized university.
MBA (2.5-Year)Executive2-Year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with minimum 45% marks.4-Year Working experience.
MS in Management SciencesGRE (General) NTS GAT (General), at least 50% scores.16 -year education or 4 Years Bachelor’s degree in business educationM.Com, ACMA, ACA, MPA.


Title: Multivariate Copula Modeling With Application In Software Project Management And Information Systems
Author: S.M.A.Burney, O.Ajaz , S.Burney
Publication Description: International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 9, No. 11, 2018
Year: 2017 


Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences (HIMS) will be a center of excellence, thriving, sustainable, national and broad-based business institution, to produce cutting edge leadership to meet the challenges of dynamic global and national market and build a better society.


To achieve excellence and distinctiveness in business education and research that defines and responds to the needs of individuals and community.

To transform HIMS position as one of the best business schools in Pakistan.

To measure the performance and academic progress against international standards;

To deliver a rewarding experience to students through interactive, research-driven and experiential learning for prominent individual and professional achievement;

To make faculty, staff and students to promote transcendental values in light of the vision of Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said the founder of University.

Permanent Faculty

Mr. Kaleem Ahmed Ghias
Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences
Associate Professor
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
M.Phil (Finance)
Dr. Syed Shoeb Ahmed Bukhari
Associate Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
Ph.D (Public Administration)
Mr. Arsalan Ahmed
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences
Program Coordinator
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
MBA (Management Sciences)
Mr. Syed Luqman Hakim
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
MBA (Business Management)
Mr. Muhammad Wasie Fasih Butt
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
Ph.D (Islamic Studies)
Dr. Muhammad Asim Rafiq
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences
Program Coordinator
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
Dr. Sumair Farooq
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management Sciences
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
Ph.D (Management Sciences)
Mr. Syed Yasoob Rizvi
Lecturer, Faculty of Management Sciences
Program Coordinator
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
MBA (Marketing)
Mr. Muhammad Zohaib Khan
Lecturer, Faculty of Management Sciences
Program Coordinator
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
MBA (Finance)

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Salma Durrani
HIMS (Evening) – Khi
Ms .Huma Aftab
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
MA (English)
Ms. Summaiyah Munir
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
M.Phil (Management Sciences)
Mr. Ijaz Hussain
HIMS (Morning) – Khi
MS (Finance)
Mr. Syed Muhammad Tahir Abbasi
MBA (Islamiat)

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Hamdard University is a private research university with campuses in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan. It was founded in 1991 by the renowned philanthropist Hakim Said of the Hamdard Foundation. Hamdard is one of the first and the oldest private institutions of higher education in Pakistan.

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