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The need for a full-time Law College demanding the necessary degree of commitment from a student preparing himself for profession entailing great responsibility and providing the necessary requirements to equip him to assume such responsibilities has been felt for a very long time. The practical hazards in mustering up adequate material and human resources, however, dissuaded many from making an endeavor. It goes to the great credit of Hamdard University in assuming the role of a pioneer in this movement. The idea of setting up a center of excellence in law was mooted in a Board of Governors Meeting presided over by the Founder Chancellor Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said. Hakim Sahib was extremely responsive and emphasized that if the institution was to be set up by the University, it must be a center of excellence in every sense of the word. He then directed that some ground work be done to examine the feasibility of such an institution. Realizing the urgent need for a center of excellence for law, Hamdard University Karachi, decided to establish a full-time school of law at Karachi with a commitment to excellence in both teaching and research. The Hamdard School of Law, an integral part of the Hamdard University, opened for admission during the first week of January, 2001.


The teaching system, which is based on participatory pedagogic methodology, includes lectures, tutorials, class discussions, seminars, assignments and such related exercises which contribute to the development of lawyering skills. In the teaching system, emphasis is placed on small group classes tutorials, the desired aim being individual attention to students.


A good law library is available on city campus which is open 12 hours a day. The Law Library of Hamdard School of Law consisting 21,885 in numbers whereas Law books and Law journals are reaching the figure of 12,475. During the current year more books are being added to the Library. At the same time there is I.T.Lab consisting 48 computers. The students have the benefit of the following useful exposures during the LL.B program at this under guideline of Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Bar Council.


a. Mock Courts;
b. Seminars, Workshop, Moots and Debates competition;
c. Court Visits / Visit to Jails and Female Care Homes;
d. Visits to Lawyer’s Chambers.


The Law School provides information and guidance to facilitate students’ future prospects, both academically as well as professionally. Academically, the students have the resources and guidance from faculty members for further and higher studies in law. Professionally, the School provides information about placements and internship in different firms and chambers during vacations.


Individual attention, guidance and advice on academic matters and career are provided to the students.


Most dedicated faculty consisting of eminent former judges of High Court of Sindh, and highly qualified senior law experts with excellent legal career.

Dean's Message

Prof. Dr. Qammaruddin Bohra
Former Judge High Court of Sindh & DG
HRC Supreme Court of Pakistan and Sr. Faculty Member Sindh Judicial Academy


No one can deny the importance of education. “The Holy Prophet (PBUH) had enjoined his followers to go even to China in the pursuit of knowledge”. The founder of this country Quid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said in All Pakistan Educational Conference held on 27th November, 1947 at Karachi “Without education it is complete darkness and with education it is light. Education is a matter of life and death to our nation. The world is moving so fast that if you do not educate yourselves you will be not only completely left behind, but will be finished up…”


The name Hamdard however acquired a still wider meaning, when Shaheed Hakim Muhammad Said founded Hamdard University in 1992. The establishment of a University which could enliven the intellectual traditions of the educational institutions of the Golden Era of Muslim Civilization had always been his most cherished dream.


The study and professional of law is as old as human civilization. In fact, the Jewish Holy Book i.e. “Torah” is perhaps the first compilation of laws known to mankind. Thereafter, the Romans enacted their laws followed by the European nations. This amply demonstrates that unless and until there is a rule of law neither can society develop in an organized civilized manner nor prosper. The Hamdard University established School of Law in 2001 and started imparting Law education at their city campus in the mid of the city to facilitated to the students of the law.


The educational programs aim to equip student with comprehensive knowledge and professional skills and developing enthusiasm for research legal issues. The Faculty of Law, Hamdard University is therefore, committed professionalism and competence in legal studies effective in national and international context. Our main role is to develop our students in the qualities of devotion, love, determination and service to humanity. The Faculty of Law tries its best to make sure that students acquire knowledge and skills so that they can make the best use of this, not only a degree. It gives me immense pleasures and pride to inform that this faculty in short span of 14 years have contributed towards the District Judiciary of Sindh, Baluchistan and Islamabad by providing 33 Judges who are at present performing their responsibilities in different cadre.


I wish each and every student of this institute excel and achieve the very best in every walk of life. Dear students, always remember that there is no short cut to the success, only hard work, passion and devotion can bring success at your door step so be hard working, use your passion and devote yourself fully towards your goal. May Almighty ALLAH bless you all.

Admission Schedule Fall 2024

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Academic Rules

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HSL Attendence & Leave Rules (Click Here to View)

Admission Policy

We are imparting education of law for LL.B program (5 years) as recommended by Higher Education Commission (HEC) & Pakistan Bar Council (PBC).
Five year course consisting of 10th semester and each year having 2 semesters namely Spring and Fall and Spring commences from January whereas Fall semester from August.

Eligibility for Admission

i) Intermediate with Second Division in any discipline and “A level” with 50%.
ii) Entrance Test/Written Test.
iii) Interview. As the Faculty of Law at present is permitted by Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) for admissions to 100 students per year meaning there by 50 students per semester.

iv) HU Entry Test 60%.

Admission Preferences

i) Term back/Repeater of Semester.
ii) Intermediate/ Students and “A-Level” having better percentage.
iii) Siblings.
iv) Children of Teaching Staff and Non-Teaching Staff of Faculty of Law Hamdard University.
v) Sons/daughters of legal fraternity.

The Above Admission preference will be given to students who clear the entrance test/ written test and interview on the following criteria:
10% percentage given to academic achievement.
70% on clearing entry test with 50% marks.
20% on interview.

A candidate shall not be eligible for admission to LL.B. (5 Years)
If he/she

i) has been convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude; or

ii) has been dismissed or removed for corruption or misconduct from service of Government, any local Authority or institution incorporated by the Government under any statue,

Programs Offered

City Campus

Degree Program Offered Eligibility Criteria Duration
Second Division intermediate with 50% Marks in any discipline or ‘A’ Level with 50% Marks Law Admission Test (LAT) conducted by Higher Education Commission (HEC) & HU Entry test 60%..
5 Years

i. Intermediate in any discipline, ‘A’ Level or equivalent with 50% marks.

ii. Law Admission Test (LAT) Conducted by HEC as per order of Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan dated March 6, 2018.

iii. HU Entry Test 60%.

Fee Structure
LLB (Bachelor of Law)
Fee StructureAmount
Admission, Enrollment & Bar Council Fee (One Time Only)
Registration & Exam Fee (Per Semester)
Tuition Fee (Per Semester)

Our Events

Research & Publication
Vision & Mission

Mission and Vision

Education and research in the field of law are matter of prime importance for the development of culture for the rule of law in the country. Unfortunately, legal education has not up till now been given the required importance and significance. Perhaps it has never been realized that investment in legal education will reward by achieving the goal of shaping an upright society. In view of the rapidly increasing demands of globalization, Pakistan’s indigenous legal system will have to adapt itself to the contemporary trends in other systems of jurisprudence as well.


To substantiate the need for reforms in legal education it is emphasized from time to time to make substantial improvements in the quality of legal education. To fulfill cherished dream of Shaheed Hakim Mohammad Said. The Hamdard University established a School of Law in 2001 and started imparting Legal education at their city campus. This has facilitated the student access to legal education, enormously.


The educational programs aim is to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and professional skills and developing enthusiasm for research legal issues. The Faculty of Law, Hamdard University is therefore, committed to professionalism and competence in legal studies effective in national and international context. Our main role is to develop our students in the qualities of truth, Justice & Fairness in the service of humanity. The Faculty of Law tries its best to make sure that students acquire knowledge and independent thinking skills so that they can make the best use of this, along with the degree.


Faculty of Law has been designed to produce academically well trained lawyers having innovative approach, high professional skills and understanding of law in socioeconomy, legal and political perspectives.


1‐ To prepare the best professionals in the field of law equipped with Skills, objective reasoning powers and to meet the needs of the society through quality education at an affordable cost.
2‐ To prepare the best professionals who can meet the legal requirement in different Public & Private Sectors.
3‐ To provide independent thinking law graduates in order to meet the need of legal fraternity and Judiciary.

Faculty List

Permanent Faculty

Justice (F) Prof. Dr. Qammaruddin Bohra
Dean, Faculty of Law
Ph.D (Islamic Culture & Comparative Religion) from University of Jamshoro Sindh
M.A (Islamic Culture & Comparative Religion) from University of Jamshoro Sindh
LLB from University of Sindh
Former Judge High Court of Sindh
Former Director General Human Rights Cell,
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Former Member National Industrial Relation Commission (NIRC)
Former Senior Faculty Member Sindh Judicial Academy
Ms. Aamra Tariq
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law
M.A. (Karachi Univeristy)
LL.B (Karachi University)
Mr. Anwar Ahmed
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law,
Deputy Director, Faculty of Law
MA (International Relation)
MA (Urdu)
MA (Islamic Studies)
M.A. (English)
M.A (History)
PGD (Islamic Laws) from International Islamic University Islamabad.
Diploma in Library Sciences
Mr. Syed Hasnain Haider
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law
LL.B from Pakistan College of Law University of Punjab
BA (Economics Statistics & Political Science) Govt. College Lahore
Ms. Shahrukh Sehar Khan
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law
Masters in Law (LLM) (2011) Criminology and Law of Evidence (SM Law College)
LLB from SM Law College from 2010 (SM Law College)
Bachelors in Dental Surgery (BDS) (2001)
Ms. Tahira Manzoor
Advocate High Court
Lecturer, Faculty of Law
Focal Person, Faculty of Law
ADR Trainer
Degree in Criminology (in progress)
LL.B from Hamdard School of Law, H.U
BA from Govt Girls Gizri Degree College

Visiting Faculty

Justice (R) Rukhsana Ahmed
Former Judge, High Court of Sindh
LL.B (Karachi University)
Justice (R) Abdul Qadir
Former Judge, High Court of Sindh
LL.B (Karachi University)
Justice (R) Hassan Feroz
Former Judge, High Court of Sindh
M.A. (English)
M.A. (Journalism)
LL.M (Criminology)
Brigadier (R) Riaz ul Haque
MBBS (Liaquat Medical College) Jamshoro
MSC (Advanced Medical Administration) Quiad-e-Azam University Islamabad
MPH Master in Public Health; Sarhad Uinivesity
Mr. Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Khan
B.S.C., University of Punjab
LL.B., S.M. Law College, Karachi
Diploma in Adult Education (ILO)
Ms. Momiza Bawany
LL.B., LL.M., KarachiUniversity
Dr. Muhammad Waqar
M.Ed. Masters (Hamdard institute of social science, Hamdard University)

Ph.D. Doctorate (University of Karachi)
B.Ed. (federal Urdu university of science & technology Karachi)
M.A (university of Karachi
B.A (pass) (university of Karachi)

Ms. Najma Swaleh
LL.M., M.A. (University of Karachi)
Ex-Military Estate Officer
Mr. Yousuf Moulvi
LL.B. (Karachi University)
LL.M. (Karachi University)
Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Hashmi
B.A (Hons) with Mass Communication & Social Work – University of Karachi
M.A in Political Science – University of Karachi
Mr. Kashif Badar
Master of Law (LLM Commercial Law) University College, U.K
LLB (Hamdard University)
Ms. Farah Khan
Advocate, High Court of Sindh
University of Karachi, M. Phil, Criminology (2024)

University of Karachi, MS. Criminology (2018)
Hamdard School of Law, Karachi LLB (2014)
University of Karachi, BA-Philosophy (2011)

Mr. Muhammad Mohsen Khan
Advocate, High Court of Sindh

Masters in Law (LL.M Contract & Intellectual Property) University Of South Wales, U.K
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) Hamdard School of law

Mr. Kenneth Henry
MBA (Marketing) Hamdard University
BBA (General Management) Hamdard University
Mr. Abdul Jawad
M.Phil Result awaited (Economics & Finance)
M.A. Economics (Karachi University)
Ms. Erum Ruth
M. Ed. (Hamdard University)
B.Ed. (University of Karachi)
Mr. Ammar Yasser
F.Sc (Pre-Medical) (Govt.Diyal Singh College)
B.Sc. (In Science) (Govt. Forman Christian College)
LL.B (Karachi University)
ICHRL (Certificate on International Human Rights Law) (Under the Dutch Ministry of Law, Utrecht University)
LL.M (Karachi University)
Ms. Fakhra Mubarak
Masters in English
Masters in Pakistan studies
PHD in Public International Law (in progress)
Mr. Syed Jauhar Mehdi
M.A. Philosophy (Karachi University)
M.A. In English / American Literature.
Mr. Ashfaque Ahmed
B.A (University Of Sindh)
LL.B (University Of Sindh)M.A (Political Science) (University Of Sindh)
M.A (International Relations) (University Of Sindh)
Arabic Language Course (University Of Sindh)
Islamic Law/ Sharia Course (International Islamic University)
Mr. Shahid Naved
MS Business Administration (HR)
M.B.A (Business Administration (HR)
MSc. in Cognitive science (Germany)
Ms. Qanita Imtiaz
Ph.D (DHA SUFFA University)
MS, (Hamdard University)
MBA, (Hamdard University)
BBA (Hons.), (Hamdard University)
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