Financial Assistance

HAMDARD UNIVERSITY, in meeting its social responsibility, provides Financial Assistance to deserving students. This enables hard working and bright students to acquire higher education that otherwise would be out of their reach.

HAMDARD UNIVERSITY-Funded Financial Assistances

HAMDARD UNIVERSITY funded Financial Assistances are available for all programs except those which have already been subsidized. Financial Assistance is provided through “Financial Assistance Committee” constituted at each faculty. All Financial Assistances covers tuition fee only, except for HU Employee children concession case where full fee is covered, subject to approval of Financial Assistance Committee. Fee Concession Forms are available at each Faculty or can be download from CMS and needs to be submitted along with the supportive documents to Financial Assistance Committee. Students selected by Financial Assistance Committee, have to appear in the Panel Interview and final decision taken by Financial Assistance Committee will be final. Students with extra and repeat courses are not eligible for the Financial Assistance.

The Financial Assistance is awarded to student under any one the following categories at a time:

  1. Merit Scholarship
  2. Sister & Brother Scholarship
  3. Hardship Scholarship
  4. Loan (Qarz-e-Hasna) Program

Hamdard University reserves the rights to make amendments in the Financial Assistance Policy without prior notice.


To acknowledge and keep our students motivated, Hamdard provides merit scholarship to student with outstanding academic performances. Up to 70% Scholarship is awarded to the deserving students securing 3.5 CGPA in semester system or 65% marks in annual system in last semester or year respectively without failing in any subject.

HAMDARD UNIVERSITY Sister & Brother Scholarship:

If two or more real Brothers/ Sisters are studying in the University at a time, then one of them (bearing the lowest tuition fee) will be granted 50% Concession.

Fee Concession will be based on even order:

  • If 2 Siblings, fee concession offer for 1

  • If 4 Siblings, fee concession offer for 2

HAMDARD UNIVERSITY Hardship Scholarship:

Hardship Scholarship upto 50% of tuition fee, will be granted to the students who are subjected to sudden calamities such as death of bread earner of the family or any other unforeseen circumstances during the semester or year.

HAMDARD UNIVERSITY Scholarship to Employees of Hamdard Group & their Children:

The employee of Hamdard group who have been working for the last three years ( in case of concession to employee and 1 year ( in case of concession to child will be entitled for the above concession for themselves and their children at rates prescribed by Hamdard university, but only one of them will enjoy the facility at a time.

Loan (Qarz-e-Hasna) Program:

To make sure education is not suffered due to finances, we have MOU signed with Bank to provide interest free loan to students to be returned in easy installments. Hamdard University and Ihsan Trust (IT) providing Qarz-e-Hasna to students of Hamdard University (HU), purely on need-cum-merit basis.

Desirous students can collect the Ihsan Trust Qarz-e-Hasna application form, Ihsan Trust Guidelines for repayments and the Ihsan Trust agreement for Hamdard University’s students from Admission Office, Hamdard University.

Qarz-e-Hasna filled application form will be submitted at the admission office of Hamdard University with the Admission offer letter and required documents.

All details related to the Qarz-e-Hasna will be discussed in the panel interview conducted by Ihsan Trust.

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