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The Vice Chancellor

Given Hamdard University`s reputation for academic excellence and research, my association with the University is a tremendous privilege for me. No wonder Hamdard University is at the top of private sector universities of the country.

With the passage of time, one comes to understand more clearly what makes Hamdard University so special. First, the academics, who account for University`s leading position in subjects ranging from Engineering (including Energy and Environment) to Health & Medical Sciences, Eastern Medicine, Humanities & Social Sciences to Management Sciences, Pharmacology to Herbal Sciences

and Legal Studies. There is no university in private sector of comparable size with as many members of Faculty who have excelled in their respective academic disciplines. Then there are the administrators, managers, technicians and many others who support the whole enterprise with such a superb commitment. and, of course, there are our students – an extraordinarily diverse body of youth united

by exceptional ability, motivation and potential. One of the University`s two main roles is to help our students achieve their potential and become what they want to be and what society needs. Our other main role is to develop our students in the qualities of devotion, love, determination and service to humanity as envisaged by our Founder Chancellor, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said. We are acknowledged as excelling in both of these roles, and we intend to do even better – hence the ambitious program of investment in the infrastructure, facilities, research and staff that we will be continuing over the next few years.

We are a community of scholarship in a creative and dynamic learning environment and invite you to attend one of our degree programs at Madinat al-Hikmah – City of Knowledge and Wisdom. You will be most welcome and it will provide us with the opportunity to help accomplish the noble mission of our Founder Chancellor Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said.

Welcome to Hamdard University, this is truly an exciting place.

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