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Stupefying technologies are engendering insightful changes in the role of engineering in society. Undoubtedly, the practice of engineering exits within the domain of communal interests due to its intrinsic upshot on people at large. The speedily changing workforce and technological needs of global knowledge are radically impacting the nature of engineering practices and demanding for broader skills rather simply the mastery of scientific and technological disciplines.

Today, engineers must develop a fundamental understanding of their professional responsibilities. An engineer’s demeanor toward peers, employers, clients, and the public is an essential part of his/er professional life. In veracity, professional responsibility is crucial & shape-making part of the engineering process.

Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology (FEST) fathoms the global requirements and by believing in strong professional growth we are redefining engineering by preparing our students to take a holistic look around them and address some of the world’s most formidable challenges.Through an amalgamation of empirical learning, self-governing research endeavors and visionary teaching, we proffer one of the most futurist and leading engineering programs in the country.

FEST is opening vistas for scrupulous students with a competitive edge, ready to lead their heads with their hearts. We offer a wide range of graduate and under graduate degree programs in Electronics, Energy, Computer Systems, Telecommunications, Bio-medicine (in association with faculties of Eastern Medicine, Medical & Health Sciences and Pharmacy) and in Computer Science.

In reliance with HEC standards, our city campus offers graduate study programs leading to MS, ME and Ph.D.

The role of engineering can be maximized by strengthening it with the research, and we acknowledge this. FEST provides excellent opportunities for Research & Development in Engineering and Computing and holds the honour of arming the society with multitudinous unimpeachable scholars in the field.

Our young scholars work in an academically balanced, rigorous and pulsating environment where their self- exploration exposes them to prove their engineering standings. They work intimately with some of the nation’s zenith faculty and researchers who possess a vehement allegiance to teaching, mentoring and ground-breaking research work.

We suggest you to explore our website, discover about our exceptional cross-disciplinary programs or, better yet, come visit our up-to-the-minute teaching and research facilities, converse with our faculty and students, and distinguish for yourself how we’re becoming the torch-bearers of engineering education in the 21st century.

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