(QEC) Quality Enhancement Cell

Seminar on Improving the Quality of Online Education during Epidemics

QEC organizes various seminars every year to raise awareness among students, teachers and its administrative staff members about different ways to achieve quality at every level. The spread of COVID-19 is a threat to humanity as the pandemic has forced the closure of many global activities including educational activities. In order to contain the spread of the virus, despite the challenge of this sudden transformation, educational institutions have been forced to switch to e-learning and use different online educational platforms available. To further explore the potential challenges for learning activities, this seminar aims on e-learning from students perspectives on the use and implementation of e-learning systems at Hamdard University during the COVID-19 epidemic. Prof. Dr. Wahid Usman, Director of QM&A, Jinnah Sindh Medical University, was kind enough to spare time and gave a session on 17 June, 2021 and the topic was “Challenges of maintaining quality online education during epidemic (COVID 19)”. Students also participated in Q/A session so their issues can be addressed properly.